Something for the Weekend – Free Kindle Humour: The Theory of Car Parks

  The Theory of Car Parks Available FREE for the next 5 days for the Kindle: Here (UK) or Here (US) The title piece of this great new collection features an historical appreciation of the great car park theorist; Heinrich Von Rectangle, his life, work and tragic untimely end. In over a hundred other essays,Continue reading “Something for the Weekend – Free Kindle Humour: The Theory of Car Parks”

Summer Sale – All Books 77p Each

Now the traditional British summer is here, no doubt you will want something to do while you wait for the traditional summer rains to drown the traditional summer wasps and it is safe once more to venture outside. What better way to spend all that time than reading? Consequently for the rest of the summerContinue reading “Summer Sale – All Books 77p Each”


Socks Martin could hear the sound of distant drawers from the bedroom upstairs, Sally opening them; noisily rummaging through them and then ramming them shut again. “Socks! I said: socks!” Sally yelled down the stairs. “Socks?” Martin replied walking across to the bottom of the stairs and looking up. Sally appeared on the landing andContinue reading “Socks”

Free Kindle Novella: Have a Go

  Have a Go Free for the next five days – here (UK) or here (US) [Novella – 17, 500 words approx] The day John Russell became a Have a Go Hero, for accidentally foiling an armed bank robbery, was the day his life changed forever, and all he’d wanted was a nice cup ofContinue reading “Free Kindle Novella: Have a Go”

A British Computing Pioneer

Register ‘Reg’ Benchmark is probably the UK’s foremost computer engineer from the early post-war period of British computing history. It was a time when computers were emerging from the secrecy of their vital war work. Of course, back in those days it was difficult to see – in time – how important and essential computersContinue reading “A British Computing Pioneer”

Free Kindle Novel: Juggling Balls

  Free for the next Five days Juggling Balls available here (UK) or here (US) Martin Laws hates mysteries.  So why has someone sent him a bag of juggling balls?  Why has he no memory of buying a new computer? Why has that new computer decided Martin needs to go shopping? Why does a hairstylistContinue reading “Free Kindle Novel: Juggling Balls”

Something for the Weekend – Free Kindle Humour: Sex, Pies and Sticky Tape

Sex, Pies and Sticky Tape Free for the next five days here (UK) or here (US) Here we are back, once again, in Little Frigging in the Wold: England’s most perverse, erotic and excitingly-moist village, for some more tales of rural life, with more adventures and tales featuring Grand Uncle Stagnant, Old Feebletrousers, Strom Thighhammer,Continue reading “Something for the Weekend – Free Kindle Humour: Sex, Pies and Sticky Tape”

Short Story: Twisting the Night Away

[Available here (UK) or here (US)] (Short story – 5,000 words approx.) If you want to get an ex-girlfriend back, what could be a better way of impressing her than a magic carpet ride through the night to a romantic evening together in some alternate dimension? [Available here (UK) or here (US)] * ‘What is it?’ I said, already thinking I knew theContinue reading “Short Story: Twisting the Night Away”

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