Certain Seasonal Rituals

So, what if you are standing to attention and clutching your ceremonial dibber in readiness? No matter how eager you are, there are still certain formalities necessary before you are allowed into the garden shed to perform that annual ritual that we of the Noble Order long for and yearn for all through the drearContinue reading “Certain Seasonal Rituals”

England’s Greatest Detective

The inter-war years saw the rise of the great detective. When a mysterious death took place at some country house, it was often one of these detectives who would be called upon, often by a baffled police force, to come to everyone’s aid and solve the murder. The greatest of these detectives was, of course,Continue reading “England’s Greatest Detective”

The Failures of Democracy

Of course, democracy does have a lot of problems, but by far its biggest drawback is that it does tend to cause politicians. In the past, this was not so much of a problem as it has since become as the proliferation of the media does seem to have enabled politicians to escape their naturalContinue reading “The Failures of Democracy”

Rule Britannia

Still, it was lucky we happen to live in a country where – it seems – there are so many people who think they know what’s best for us, so we could – quite easily – have all those troublesome decisions about how to live our lives taken for us whilst we sat down toContinue reading “Rule Britannia”

Technological Innovation

It was not quite what we were expecting, even so, some of the more recondite attachments hint at a world of possibility yet unexplored through this medium of the humble domestic appliance. Still, having said that it does seem to need recharging every ten minutes or so, or five minutes if the GPS function isContinue reading “Technological Innovation”

The Great British Tradition

Then there were several of them, all spread out against the sky like… well, lots of things all spread out. Now, perhaps the place where your regular hat-hanging ceremony take place is not so well-blessed as this, but it is a sight almost guaranteed to be noticed… sometimes. Still, back in the day, or atContinue reading “The Great British Tradition”

Jet Packs… or Not

This is the future… now. There were – we were told – meant to be jet packs. Where are they? How could a world, once so in love with the future, get it al so wrong? Where are the robots? There was a sense, back then, back when the future as a concept was inventedContinue reading “Jet Packs… or Not”

Something for the Weekend – Free Kindle Humour: The Sexiest Elbows I’d Ever Seen

  The Sexiest Elbows I’d Ever Seen Available FREE this weekend here (UK) or here (US) Extract: [….] Twelve hours later, just as the TV station covering the event live went to an advertising break, there was an unearthly scream from the AntenDec beast as it stood on the tapioca-ignoring table, stripped off its clothingContinue reading “Something for the Weekend – Free Kindle Humour: The Sexiest Elbows I’d Ever Seen”

Social Media and Conformity

Well, we all knew. Even though most of us pretended not to notice the way she would always appear with the smoked mackerel fillets on, or about, her person at just the right time. Of course, even in these days of upfront attitudes where even the slightest digression from the mores of what is regardedContinue reading “Social Media and Conformity”

War of the Worlds

This was the problem. This was the reason why we were all huddled together, hiding as the rampaging hordes ravaged our once so fine… quite good… actually rather mediocre land. Once we would have stood and fought, once we were mighty warriors prepared to fight and die to keep this land ours, now though thereContinue reading “War of the Worlds”

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