Next-day Delivery

It was not what we expected, even though the illustration on the box matched the description on the website, when it finally arrived, from whatever alternative dimension the Post Office route their parcel deliveries though, it was not what we ordered. Further enquires led us to understand that this in not that an unusual problem.Continue reading “Next-day Delivery”

The Romantic Night Out

It was – once – well known that a small woodland mammal was a necessary addition to any young person’s night out in some of the more remote rural areas of the UK. Any young lady out for a night on the village without her own weasel was regarded as someone suspicious (or as inContinue reading “The Romantic Night Out”

Holy Book Desecration

  Riots continued for the twenty-seventh day in a row yesterday in the strict Uttabollux country of Alfiesgoatstain, caused by the rumour that someone had desecrated the Uttabollux holy book – The Madeupstuff. Rioting broke out in the holy city of Tourhisttrhap when a rumour spread through the fundamentalist Uttabollux city that someone had inadvertentlyContinue reading “Holy Book Desecration”

Something for the Weekend – Free Kindle Humour: Choosing Headgear for Penguins

 Choosing Headgear for Penguins Available FREE for the next 5 days: here (UK) or here (US) No doubt you have been wondering over the years about what is the most suitable hat for the various breeds of penguin: such as a deerstalker for the King penguins, or whether emperor penguins should wear a top hat.Continue reading “Something for the Weekend – Free Kindle Humour: Choosing Headgear for Penguins”

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