It is About Desire

‘It is about desire,’ she said. ‘Ah, desire.’ I replied. ‘Desire and I parted company a long time ago. We are strangers now.’ She knelt up on the low divan, edging closer to me. Her hands carved shapes into the air between us. I saw a vision grow out of the stillness. A faraway placeContinue reading “It is About Desire”

No Such Thing as Innocence

Henry took a step back into the shadow at the corner of the boarded up row of shops facing the deserted street. He waited, listening. There was no sound except a distant siren streets away. He peered out, first checking the sky. There was no sign of a drone. But there often wasn’t. These daysContinue reading “No Such Thing as Innocence”

The Reality-Based Community and its Enemies

Over the last few decades, it has become increasingly apparent, especially to self-styled progressives (sic) and ideological fundamentalists, that the current reality we inhabit is simply not good enough for them. This is causing increasing concern especially to those infected with politics who are obsessed with what they see as fairness and equality. Consequently, thereContinue reading “The Reality-Based Community and its Enemies”

Llamas and Bureaucracy – A Crisis in the Making

Still, I suppose you know what llamas are like. Most people these days have at least some familiarity with what was once regarded as exotic wildlife – at least in places far from their natural habit – through the medium of the TV nature documentary. Although, even these days, there are still some people whoContinue reading “Llamas and Bureaucracy – A Crisis in the Making”

The Philosophy of Bacon Sandwiches

‘Each donkey is unique in its own way. Then again so is each mandolin. However, approaching the wrong donkey with the wrong mandolin is not recommended. Nor – for that matter – is approaching the right donkey with the wrong mandolin.’ As many of those who have studied philosophy will recognise, those are the wordsContinue reading “The Philosophy of Bacon Sandwiches”

21st Century Political Theory

Parkingspace Bewlideredswan is probably the world’s leading 21st-century political theorist. Political Science up until the middle of the Twentieth Century assumed that there was some point to politics. However, as events in the late 1970s proved, Left Wing political theories although they did sound nice, never did or could work. Alternatively, it was demonstrated overContinue reading “21st Century Political Theory”

When the Law came to Town

Straddle Banjodisaster rode into town on his organic free-trade bicycle. Or, at least, he would have if the tyres made from recycled newspapers had not got damp when he peddled too close to a puddle and the tyres washed away down the road. So he pushed his bicycle along the pavement, next to the busyContinue reading “When the Law came to Town”

Balancing the Budget

‘Ma’am?’ ‘Yes, What is it?’ Queegella did not look up. It was the end of the tax year and her department’s budget for the next fiscal year needed finalising. She looked up now. Hellitron stood in the doorway. Maybe Queegella thought, there was a cost saving there in her doorway. She made a note. ‘Ma’am?’Continue reading “Balancing the Budget”

Jehovah’s Perverts

It happens usually about once a month or so with all the inevitability of a drunken celebrity appearing in the tabloid headlines. There you are going about your normal daily business, maybe oiling your sex spatulas or ritually polishing your perversion tandem when there comes a knock on your doorbell. Maybe you are expecting aContinue reading “Jehovah’s Perverts”

Olympic Level Cheese Ignoring

Spigot Tremblehammer is probably the world’s leading exponent of the ancient art of cheese ignoring. Although there are still several professional and semi-professional cheese ignoring leagues throughout the world (and Canada), many sports fans often overlook it. However, all that is set to change now that the Olympic committee has confirmed that cheese ignoring willContinue reading “Olympic Level Cheese Ignoring”

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