The Home Front

Occasionally it does get to be a bit of a bugger. But, then as Mrs Watkins from number 32 says, ‘that’s just the way the world is these days.’ Back in the beginning, most people blamed property prices, the general shortage of housing and the dearth of good schools. They also said it would beContinue reading “The Home Front”

All Those Complicated Simple Things

  All those complicated simple things that turn life around, turn the world upside down and turn people inside out. It all looks so simple from the outside. Jodie, a teenager, waiting to become an adult, rails against the hypocrisy, the lies, and the adult compromises both big and small she sees around her. SheContinue reading “All Those Complicated Simple Things”

The Sock Event Horizon

As we all know, the black holes in the universe all lie beyond what physicists call the Sock Event Horizon. This is the place where all the odd socks, lost pens and other detritus of the universe ends up as it disappears from this universe, using the black hole as a conduit or wormhole toContinue reading “The Sock Event Horizon”

A Cave Like No Other

It was all too different, all too strange. Helda sat in the corner of the strange cave, her knees drawn up and her arms wrapped tight around them. The stuff she sat on was hard, like the stone of a cave, but smooth and so white. Above her was some sort of fire that gaveContinue reading “A Cave Like No Other”

Software Problems

But, as you have probably worked out by now, it wasn’t supposed to work out like this. Somewhere, buried within the code, there must be a bug. Some have suggested that we take it down, rewrite the code and reboot the whole system. The Boss is not happy about that, though. Although, someone did pointContinue reading “Software Problems”

The Old Gods and Their Games

It should have been so simple. These are not complicated worlds to create. Human beings, people, are not as sophisticated as they like to believe. After all, they are little more than other animals. They like to think they have minds, but… well, after all, that’s the way I made them. All their delusions, allContinue reading “The Old Gods and Their Games”

Letting the Words Grow

And this? What will it become? What will grow from this? These few words scattered across the page. A hope they will grow into something. A hope they will take shape and form that will grow on down the page into something else, something that goes beyond mere marks on the page. Something that growsContinue reading “Letting the Words Grow”

The Guardians and the Village

From up there, he saw the village spread out below him, just behind the small narrow beach and trapped there between the sea, the cliffs, and the swamp behind the village that kept Shakesbridge separate and isolated. Up here, his ancestors had built the Tower; they claimed to watch out for invasion from the sea.Continue reading “The Guardians and the Village”

Political Controversy in the UK

Tablecloth Swollenmember is probably the UK’s most prominent ordinary Member of Parliament. He has never held any of the high offices of state, or even any lowly cabinet position, despite being one of the longest serving Members of Parliament in Britain. As many former government ministers and political correspondents have pointed out, the UK hasContinue reading “Political Controversy in the UK”

Undercover Policing and Politics

Not long after the notorious MP Bribery Scandal of the late 1990s, a leading broadsheet newspaper revealed documents that proved there were some honest MPs in the Houses of Parliament. The newspaper claimed to have evidence that some MPs had even refused to be bribed, either by wealthy constituents or by large multinational businesses. SomeContinue reading “Undercover Policing and Politics”

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