The Revolting Peasantry

‘Is it that bad?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Oh.’ The emperor stared deep into his aviary. Birds he almost understood, in as much as an emperor needed to understand anything. After all, he had advisors for that sort of thing. But people, he did not understand people. He glanced up at the chancellor. ‘Why are they revolting?’ TheContinue reading “The Revolting Peasantry”

A God No More

It was cold. Shreena wrapped the blankets tight around herself. She was not used to the cold. She had almost forgotten how cold this world could be. She opened one eye and glanced around. The sun was rising through the trees. She could see her breath on the cold air, rising from where she lay.Continue reading “A God No More”

Ancient Computing

Ukulele Serialbus is now the UK’s first emeritus professor of Ancient Computing at the prestigious Bridgnorth Institute of Technology. She is, of course, mostly known to the general public for her recent TV series on the Neolithic use of the spacebar and early Roman versions of the Windows operating system. This did so much toContinue reading “Ancient Computing”

A New Golden Age

According to the old stories, whispered late at night amongst people who have known each other a long time, there was a time when there were no Temples on the hills in each town or village. These old stories tell of a time from before when our grandfathers were young. They tell of a landContinue reading “A New Golden Age”

Lord of All the Northlands

And so it came it pass that Lord Stoatbeguiler of House Furryknickers became Lord of all the Northlands, well, except for that bit when the savages from Beyond the Fence held on. But Lord Stoatbeguiler knew that autumn was coming, and he knew how much the men from Beyond the Fence were terrified of havingContinue reading “Lord of All the Northlands”

Government Action on Addiction

There is growing concern in the UK, as well as many other Western countries about how fat, bloated and unhealthy their government have become over recent decades. Many analysts put this down to government’s unhealthy addiction to taxation. Many governments, not just in the UK, do seem to think over-gorging themselves on taxation is aContinue reading “Government Action on Addiction”

The Heyday of Theoretical and Applied Naughtiness

Stalactite Velocipede became the UK’s leading professor of Theoretical and Applied Naughtiness back in the fully-bearded days of the late 1970s. Up until then, of course, there was little in the way of theoretical understanding of the best ways to go about being either rude or naughty. Most people up until then sort of madeContinue reading “The Heyday of Theoretical and Applied Naughtiness”

New on Wattpad: Juggling Balls Chapter 07

[Read Juggling Balls from the start] ‘What? What do you mean: It was me who made you like this?’ Martin tried to calm the feeling of panic threatening to overwhelm him. He picked up the remnants of the juggling balls, passing them from hand to hand, as he stared at the computer screen. ‘Could you justContinue reading “New on Wattpad: Juggling Balls Chapter 07”

Slow Motion Goose Bedazzlement

Trivialpursuit Sparklebadger was once the world’s leading archaeological expert in Slow Motion Goose Bedazzlement. As we all know, the UK has had a long tradition of Chicken-Intriguing, especially in recent years with the All-Nude code of the sport. A sport that, with the increasing take-up of High Definition TV, has won many more new fansContinue reading “Slow Motion Goose Bedazzlement”

The Philosophy of Doing Bugger All

Runningback Kneetrembler is probably best known as the world’s leading philosopher of Doing Bugger All. Of course, as usual, the Ancient Greeks first developed the philosophical system of Doing Bugger All. The philosopher Sycthexraxesthophin developed the basic theories of General Arsing About when he came up with the idea of Doing Bugger All one dayContinue reading “The Philosophy of Doing Bugger All”

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