New on Wattpad: Juggling Balls Chapter Six

[Read Juggling Balls from the start] Chapter Six Martin and Sam sat side by side on Martin’s bed looking down at the boxes. ‘Well,’ Sam said. ‘Well.’ ‘I found this in the hall,’ Lisa said, coming into the room and giving Martin a small padded envelope. ‘It must’ve fallen off one of the boxes.’ ‘It mustContinue reading “New on Wattpad: Juggling Balls Chapter Six”

Evil Geniuses and Minion Recruitment

Turnpike Psychoweasel is the CEO of probably the World’s leading employment agency for evil genius minions and henchmen, although, it is – as Psychoweasel himself admits – a rather niche area. However, he does see room for growth in the field. He has grown the company from a small one-man operation that hired out bodyguardsContinue reading “Evil Geniuses and Minion Recruitment”

Free Kindle Novel: In the Beginning

  In the Beginning   FREE for the next Five days. Get it here (UK) or here (US). In the Beginning:  It’s a God’s life. Albert Meadows, recently made redundant and tired of his disappointing life, is looking to make a new start and is desperate to find something worthwhile to fill his time. So, whatContinue reading “Free Kindle Novel: In the Beginning”

Dinosaurs and Evolution

Legin Hokeycokey is a leading palaeontologist who has come up with a revolutionary new theory about what happened to the dinosaurs after the comet impact that nearly wiped out all of them. Palaeontologist have agreed for some time now that modern birds are the direct descendants of the dinosaurs, but controversially Hokeycokey claims that theContinue reading “Dinosaurs and Evolution”

The UK’s Leading Underwater Diversity Co-Ordinator

Splashguard Toadundergarments was, until his unfortunate accident, the UK’s leading underwater diversity co-ordinator. As we all know, it is the dedicated work of this country’s selfless diversity co-ordinators that has made this country into what it is now. They have worked hard and selflessly to ensure that people not matter what race, creed, background, ethnicity,Continue reading “The UK’s Leading Underwater Diversity Co-Ordinator”

Offensively Outrageous

Of course, it goes without saying that whatever it is that people are deciding to be offended by today is probably not that important in the grand scheme of things. After all, being offended these days is probably the most popular participatory sport in the world, at least in the social media grumbleoshphere. After all,Continue reading “Offensively Outrageous”

Politics and Science

Pigeonhat Goatannoyer is credited with developing the first sustainable energy source that actually works, and is environmentally less damaging than the rotating bird slaughterers that once littered our countryside until a stiff breeze knocked them all over. Of course, for many years, scientists have seen how much energy is wasted on politics. As they becameContinue reading “Politics and Science”

New Novel: In the Beginning – Out Soon

My latest novel In the Beginning will be out – on Kindle – very soon: In the Beginning  It’s a God’s life. Albert Meadows, recently made redundant and tired of his disappointing life, is looking to make a new start and is desperate to find something worthwhile to fill his time. So, what could beContinue reading “New Novel: In the Beginning – Out Soon”

All Our Dreams

Too many of those mornings were lost to rain. Jenny stood at the window, looking out each morning as though she was seeing portents in the falling rain. She would turn back to look at me, as I waited for her to come back to bed, as if the world outside were my fault. But,Continue reading “All Our Dreams”

Rights for Vegetables Now!

Pindrop Weaselpanties first came to public attention when he began espousing Human Rights for Vegetables. Not only did he believe that all living animals should have the same rights as humans in law, he also argued that it was the right of every plant too to stand for election. As he successfully argued in theContinue reading “Rights for Vegetables Now!”

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