A Certain Amount of Dexterity

Of course, she was the love of my life. I could but not admire her dexterity with the tambourine, if nothing else. I mean, when it comes to balancing a tambourine on the back of a galloping antelope whilst filling in a questionnaire about the mating habits of the trainee supermarket manager, you could notContinue reading “A Certain Amount of Dexterity”

A World Ready

How was I to shape this world around her? I had a world ready for someone. I had the sky just the right shade of blue. I had the distant mountains hinting of far travelled places. I had seas and streams, and rivers too. I had hillsides and valleys. I had woods and the openContinue reading “A World Ready”

The Cold Lands

I had never come this far north before, never been to the Cold Lands. Someone, years ago in a roadside tavern, told me the people of the Cold Lands have such cruel and vicious gods that cause their people to live cold hard lives. He also told me that their soldiers patrol the borders lookingContinue reading “The Cold Lands”

Monday Poem: She is everything

She is everything She is like the timeShe is like motionShe is the worldShe moves through. She is soft like silkShe is hard as stoneShe shines like a starShe orbits around. She is all the skyShe turns to face.She laughs at youShe wants to be freedom. She wants everythingShe is everythingShe tells no liesShe neverContinue reading “Monday Poem: She is everything”

The Time Stations

There were times when the times seemed to slip over each other and merge as though two rail tracks came together in a junction and merged into on for a while before separating, splitting out and moving apart again. These places where the time tracks merged were a bit like railway stations too, with separateContinue reading “The Time Stations”

Monday Poem: The Way Back

The Way Back All of this is hidden in the darkest cornersof those places you do not want to go,if these are memories, they hauntyou like malignant ghosts. If they are not memories, you walkthese halls and corridors,searching for a shape to bring fortha new world from these ashes Of a life you once heldContinue reading “Monday Poem: The Way Back”

Thursday Poem: Crumbles away to Dust

Crumbles away to Dust You want to feel the solidity of this world.A world that crumbles away to dust at your touchand blown away on the breezes like the footstepsyou take across its dry surface that billows then falls behind you, leaving no trace of any one step you take as the faces turn awayContinue reading “Thursday Poem: Crumbles away to Dust”

The Holy Spanner of Nhigel

Well, now. It has often been said – well, it has been said, according to the historical record, twice since the infamous Night of the Teaspoons – that someone in search of the famed Holy Spanner of Nhigel will – unless they find it, come to a rather unpleasant end, including vats of boiling oilContinue reading “The Holy Spanner of Nhigel”

Seeing her again

Those were the easy days. I found them there at the bottom of my bag of time. A few days I’d left over from a year I’d created for someone I’d once cared about. I had given us a year together, that was all, because there was some other place that needed my time, andContinue reading “Seeing her again”

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