The Lucky Ones

We knew, when the first snows fell, that it would be difficult. It was a new world for us now. The interconnected civilisation that we had grown up within had all gone, destroyed itself and left us alone. Before it all fell apart, people used to say that those that survived the thousand shocks thatContinue reading “The Lucky Ones”

2030: A Lingerie Odyssey

‘Oh, my god… it’s full of bras!’ Everyone recognises that quote from Stanley Housebrick’s film 20:30: A Lingerie Odyssey, which tells of the journey by three men with an initially unexplained interest in ladies underwear and an AI computer: SAL-E 2000 through a portal into the universe’s largest retail lingerie section. Originally based on anContinue reading “2030: A Lingerie Odyssey”

The Grey Morning

It all began on one of those ordinary grey mornings when it seems the sun will never appear from behind a dull, uniform blanket of grey cloud that wraps up the whole day in some kind of deadening dullness. When he stepped out of the doorway and into the street, Harry could feel, taste, theContinue reading “The Grey Morning”

Holiday Invasions

Still, we did what we could for the wounded holiday-rep, even though – at the time – it seemed more like a holding operation than the full-frontal assault promised in the holiday brochure. After all, there is nothing quite as invigorating as a full fortnight’s holiday invading small foreign countries (full board) is there? EspeciallyContinue reading “Holiday Invasions”

Thursday Poem: Drifting towards Dawn

Drifting towards Dawn Now in the stillness of the darkest hoursthe time in hesitant small steps takes us towards the dawn and all the day can bringas we each drift towards the wakefulnessthat leaves our dreams behind on pillows warm and hollowed out by sleeping heads, a place for dreams to take their rest. WeContinue reading “Thursday Poem: Drifting towards Dawn”

Never to return

This is where the day will begin, spread out across the morning as though it belongs here. The night has folded its reluctant blankets from across the skies and gathered its long shadows back into itself. We are left here watching the colours return to all that surrounds us as they emerge out of theContinue reading “Never to return”

Time Corridors

Time twists and turns to create these corridors we stumble down in the dark and uncertainty of not knowing what is to come. The world twisted and turned in a way that physicists did not think was possible and left us to fall into this warping of time that meanders through all the histories ofContinue reading “Time Corridors”

Something Fluid

It was not something you could pin a name on; it evaded easy description and categorisation. Jade was not a woman who you could say loved you, even if you thought you loved her. She was evasive, but not in any devious kind of way. It was just that she was like trying to captureContinue reading “Something Fluid”

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