Learning the Secrets

‘Is that it?’ Stena crossed her arms and the ball dropped, bouncing off the desk and into the corner of the room. Smeg, Briston’s cat, watched the ball roll past him with some interest, but made no move to chase it. He had been a wizard’s cat long enough to learn what seemed like aContinue reading “Learning the Secrets”

Down in the Warrens

The Warrens were a dangerous place; everyone knew that, especially those living in the Warrens. They knew they didn’t so much live there as survive another day, and – possibly – another night. The Warrens were not for the faint of heart, the nervous or even the credulous. Those that survived there survived on cunning,Continue reading “Down in the Warrens”

An Actor in Someone Else’s Film

All of us believe that our lives are a film and we are the star. So it must come as something of a shock in that final moment when you look down the barrel of the gun and realise that you are not the star of your own film but only a bit player inContinue reading “An Actor in Someone Else’s Film”

The Best Part of the Day

Mornings. Blenk was surprised that he quite liked them. At least the part of them that happened before other people woke up and spoilt them. There was something peaceful about the early morning streets, empty and quiet. Doing the job he did, Blenk spent quite a few early mornings walking back to his residence downContinue reading “The Best Part of the Day”

Free Kindle Novel: Juggling Balls – a Science Fiction Comedy

  Available FREE for the next Five days Juggling Balls is available here (UK link) or here (universal link)   Juggling Balls A Science Fiction Comedy  Martin Laws hates mysteries. So why has someone sent him a bag of juggling balls? Why has he no memory of buying a new computer? Why has that new computerContinue reading “Free Kindle Novel: Juggling Balls – a Science Fiction Comedy”

Alone in the Summer

Summers hold so many secrets, hidden in the deep shadows under the trees and in the verdant undergrowth that grows and spreads to cover the bare ground left by the cruel cold of winter. Helda knew there were places to go where food lay hidden. She knew which of the berries, which of the mushrooms,Continue reading “Alone in the Summer”

Far Too Many Times

Too many times. Life is like that, though. Peng didn’t know much, but he knew that. The good things were as rare as… well, as rare as a smile from his wife, Glunda. Meanwhile, the bad things fell over themselves on their way to make Peng’s life worse for him. Too many things. Too manyContinue reading “Far Too Many Times”

The Home Front

Occasionally it does get to be a bit of a bugger. But, then as Mrs Watkins from number 32 says, ‘that’s just the way the world is these days.’ Back in the beginning, most people blamed property prices, the general shortage of housing and the dearth of good schools. They also said it would beContinue reading “The Home Front”

All Those Complicated Simple Things

  All those complicated simple things that turn life around, turn the world upside down and turn people inside out. It all looks so simple from the outside. Jodie, a teenager, waiting to become an adult, rails against the hypocrisy, the lies, and the adult compromises both big and small she sees around her. SheContinue reading “All Those Complicated Simple Things”

The Sock Event Horizon

As we all know, the black holes in the universe all lie beyond what physicists call the Sock Event Horizon. This is the place where all the odd socks, lost pens and other detritus of the universe ends up as it disappears from this universe, using the black hole as a conduit or wormhole toContinue reading “The Sock Event Horizon”

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