Lord of All the Northlands

And so it came it pass that Lord Stoatbeguiler of House Furryknickers became Lord of all the Northlands, well, except for that bit when the savages from Beyond the Fence held on. But Lord Stoatbeguiler knew that autumn was coming, and he knew how much the men from Beyond the Fence were terrified of havingContinue reading “Lord of All the Northlands”

Such Sad Grey Eyes

She had such sad grey eyes, deep and unfathomable. I could lie there in her small bed, just lost in those eyes as though deep on some journey far away from any land I had known before. ‘Where are you from?’ I asked her once. Ailene was silent for a while. ‘Far away,’ she saidContinue reading “Such Sad Grey Eyes”

The Wizarding Diversity Programme

‘Anyway,’ she said. ‘Any way? Are you sure?’ Tulp said. He looked down each of the three other roads in turn, then longingly down the track back to the village. ‘No, I mean… well, anyway,’ Tessla said. ‘This is goodbye and all that.’ She swapped her wizard’s staff to her other hand and held outContinue reading “The Wizarding Diversity Programme”

Government Action on Addiction

There is growing concern in the UK, as well as many other Western countries about how fat, bloated and unhealthy their government have become over recent decades. Many analysts put this down to government’s unhealthy addiction to taxation. Many governments, not just in the UK, do seem to think over-gorging themselves on taxation is aContinue reading “Government Action on Addiction”

Sometimes We Forget

Of course, we forgot. Forgetting is so easy, except for those things we do not want to forget. Even now, after all these years, us older ones cannot forget those times, or what came after. Now, though, there is so much to remember, and – well – sometimes, we forget. Susan must have forgotten, that’sContinue reading “Sometimes We Forget”

The Others

The mornings were cold, dark and slow. Jenna felt a reluctance to leave the warmth of her bed and shuffle out into the cold and dark, especially now. She knew she was safe, for now, inside the house. But she didn’t know how long it would last. The Others, out there, were learning, or remembering,Continue reading “The Others”

New on Wattpad: Juggling Balls Chapter 08

[Read Juggling Balls from the start] Chapter Eight ‘Ah, Sam. Have you seen that girl – Mandy – that John brought back last night? I think she’s crazy or something,’ Martin said as Sam came back into Martin’s room carrying his half-empty mug of tea. ‘Why? Apart from wanting to have sex with John, that is.Continue reading “New on Wattpad: Juggling Balls Chapter 08”

New at ABCtales: Wildlife Sanctuary

Even so, it was not quite what was expected. Even the gazelle was more than a little put out and the giraffe went off for a sulk. The herd of zebras grazing in the conservatory were, the wife said, not their usual selves either. There was definitely something amiss in the whole house. Even theContinue reading “New at ABCtales: Wildlife Sanctuary”

A Dangerous Trade

Across the vast plains they rode, looking for a place they could halt, if only for a few hours. They needed a chance to get their breath back, a chance to look behind to see if the others were there, still, behind them. They had ridden for a long time, day after day, across theContinue reading “A Dangerous Trade”

Out Now! Have a Go (Revised Edition) Kindle Novella

Have a Go [Novella – 17, 500 words approx] [New revised version with a new cover] Out now. Available for the Kindle here (UK) for £1.99 or here (US) for $2.99. All John Russell wanted was a nice cup of tea. But when he accidentally foils an armed bank robbery as he tries to protectContinue reading “Out Now! Have a Go (Revised Edition) Kindle Novella”

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