The Music of the Spheres

As we all know Tapioca Draingurgle shot to fame last year when her song Explaining Eigenvalues shot to the top of YouTube’s most coveted and hotly contested Mathematical Concepts Set to Song by Attractively Underdressed Young Ladies category. It easily beat the next song on the most watched list by over 1 000 000 downloads,Continue reading “The Music of the Spheres”

The Power of Numbers

Think of a number…. No, not that one… how could you? We all know the sort of mind that thinks of a number like that… don’t we? Of course, it is all well and good thinking of that particular number when you are young, and… shall we say… a bit frisky. But when you getContinue reading “The Power of Numbers”

Recommended Read: How Not to Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking – Jordan Ellenberg

How Not to Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking – Jordan Ellenberg Notes: This is an excellent and thought provoking book about mathematics and its application to everyday life. It begins with a fine example of its subject matter when Ellenberg describes how a mathematician, Abraham Wald, helped the US air force solve aContinue reading “Recommended Read: How Not to Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking – Jordan Ellenberg”

The Sensual Mathematician

It is usually not until after the age of puberty that we realise just how sexy the number 7 is. After that, it seems we become obsessed with mathematics and seeing numbers in all their naked glory. Back in the days before the internet how many of us used to lie under the bedcovers atContinue reading “The Sensual Mathematician”

Tessellation on Tax

Binary Tessellation is the emeritus professor of Difficult Sums at the University of Clacton. Although, to many he is better known as the bloke off the telly who knows stuff about numbers. Not only has he written a best-selling book on why numbers matter, he has also advised governments of all political persuasions on whyContinue reading “Tessellation on Tax”

There is Always Time

There is always time. It never waits for us, but it is always there, taking each moment that passes and hoarding it to itself. Time is the great miser. The dragon that sleeps upon its horde of moments, preventing any one of us from stealing some time back, or going back and changing the saidContinue reading “There is Always Time”

The Sock Event Horizon

As we all know, the black holes in the universe all lie beyond what physicists call the Sock Event Horizon. This is the place where all the odd socks, lost pens and other detritus of the universe ends up as it disappears from this universe, using the black hole as a conduit or wormhole toContinue reading “The Sock Event Horizon”

Sensual Mathematics and Hard Sums Theory

Cosine Inclinedplane is probably the UK’s leading authority on the aspect of theoretical mathematics known as Hard Sums Theory. From an early age, Inclinedplane expressed a fascination with numbers that left most of her contemporaries bewildered and confused. She later claimed in an interview that she knew how many beans made five while her classmatesContinue reading “Sensual Mathematics and Hard Sums Theory”

Quantum Knitting and Yarn Theory

Distaff Funbundle is the theoretical physicist most famous for the variation on String Theory known as the Knitting Interpretation. Funbundle claimed at a Quantum Knitting conference in Welshpool back in the late 1990s that the conventional String Theory put forward by some physicist was fundamentally flawed. Mainly because, she said, the universe isn’t tied togetherContinue reading “Quantum Knitting and Yarn Theory”

Eigenvalue’s Naughty Sexy Natural Logarithms

Cosine Eigenvalue is probably the UK’s leading erotic mathematician. Her last TV series Eigenvalue’s Naughty Sexy Natural Logarithms was the season’s surprise ratings success. Nearly 100 million people apparently watched the programme in the UK alone, which is – as Eigenvalue herself points out – odd, as there are nowhere near that many people inContinue reading “Eigenvalue’s Naughty Sexy Natural Logarithms”

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