Sexual Aids and Their Drawbacks

Anyway, not that we were overly cynical about the experience, but, as you will know if you are a frequent peruser of this… whatever it is, we have had some experience with devices, products and ideas allegedly intended to enhance or improve  the sex life of the… er…. more experienced couple. We have met withContinue reading “Sexual Aids and Their Drawbacks”

Sexuality and Maturity

She approached me and made a somewhat improper suggestion concerning the peach and marmoset yogurt in her hand. Of course, those of us who have been around for a while tend to understand these things a little better than the younger, less experienced, person. Consequently, I was not as perturbed by the experience as IContinue reading “Sexuality and Maturity”

Holding Firm Under The Onslaught

  Well, at the time it looked as though we were alone against the hordes poised on the cusp of invading. Obviously, though, we were prepared… more than prepared. We have gone into battle against overwhelming odds many times before and we have always prevailed… eventually. This time though, we knew our backs were upContinue reading “Holding Firm Under The Onslaught”

The Leek Incident

Obviously, she was standing there in the vegetable aisle at the time. She had her hand on my courgette, so I was paying her the utmost attention, especially as my fish fingers were beginning to defrost. ‘Do you know,’ she said, ‘about the erotic power of leeks?’ We were in a Welsh supermarket, so allContinue reading “The Leek Incident”

Once More Into The Breach

Back at the base of operations, it was time to review the mission. Luckily, we had achieved most of the mission objectives with no casualties and only minor damage to the bank balance. Checking back over the list of primary objectives, though, we did discover that – for some reason – we’d managed to missContinue reading “Once More Into The Breach”

Not To Mention The Marmosets

Of course, the mandolin was not involved. After a certain age, some erotic practices no longer reach the peaks of satisfaction and satiation they once did. Anyway, by not bothering with the mandolin or the wellies, means that we save over a fiver a week on butter alone. Not to mention the marmosets. So weContinue reading “Not To Mention The Marmosets”

Making The Best Of It With Leftovers

Well, there we were. Which was useful. Otherwise, we would have been here, and it is not much fun being here without at least a couple of sandwiches and a drink. After all, we are here for the long haul. As it were…. Or, even as it probably still is. Anyway, we came to thisContinue reading “Making The Best Of It With Leftovers”

A New Sexual Revolution

Well, obviously I would tell you more. I could possibly even draw a diagram. However, in these rather litigious times a mere sketch could end up with me serving several years behind bars, or – even worse – suffering a few months of tabloid front-page headlines. Not only that, these days there is an ever-presentContinue reading “A New Sexual Revolution”

Unexplained Terpsichorean Exuberance

Still, a certain amount of terpsichorean exuberance is justifiable at certain times in life. However, maybe this was not one of those times, especially not to those waiting in the queue at the roadworks for the temporary traffic lights to change. Sometimes though, dancing is the only option, at least to a certain sort ofContinue reading “Unexplained Terpsichorean Exuberance”

A Drive In The Country

Well, of course. Or, rather – off course. It is not that obvious, even in these says of satnavs and Google maps, but she did say it was there, and who are we to doubt her? After all, she had been there before. So she said. Still, even after all these years, none of usContinue reading “A Drive In The Country”

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