UK Government Announces New Science Strategy

Yesterday, the UK Government announced that from next year it will begin closing all scientific research establishments and cut all science research funding for British universities and other research projects. Instead, the government has decided to put all their scientific research money into increasing use of tabloid article comments. As a government spokesperson said, ‘timeContinue reading “UK Government Announces New Science Strategy”

Getting the Story Going

‘Action!’ ‘What?’ ‘Action.’ ‘What are you talking about? This isn’t a film.’ ‘I know, but I thought….’ ‘Bloody hell.’ ‘What?’ ‘You’re not one of those writers who thinks are you?’ The protagonist peered out of the page. ‘This,’ he glanced around nervously, ‘isn’t going to be literary is it?’ ‘What? No, of course not. Literary?Continue reading “Getting the Story Going”

Words and What They Mean

Slowly the adverbs crept towards the unsuspecting paragraph. Its sentences were relaxed, at ease. They had fought off the last attack by the adverbs and their attempt to break up the solid paragraph’s defensive phalanx. A couple of sentences had been lost, but the paragraph’s words were experienced fighters in the editing wars. They hadContinue reading “Words and What They Mean”

Interesting Things 13/11/2017

A miscellany of links I found interesting recently: There are quite a few this week too, possibly because I’ve decided to change the day I put this out, which will also change for next week, I think. Again, it is dominated by the stuff in the week’s news cycle. A podcast interview on the futureContinue reading “Interesting Things 13/11/2017”

The New Celebrity World

These days Stopgap Madeupname is probably the world’s leading celebrity fencepost. In the past, it was usually only humans who achieved celebrity status, or had that celebrity status thrust upon them. However, such is the unpredictable nature of humans, especially when it comes to the various bad habits and other commercially unwelcome traits of humanity,Continue reading “The New Celebrity World”

The New Literary Sensation

Pennib Trustfund is probably the leading figure in today’s literary scene. Her works have all the literary critics in academia and the media raving about them. Some have said she is the most significant literary figure to appear in the 21st century and that her name will live on into the next century, as longContinue reading “The New Literary Sensation”

Great British Chip Design

Flashmob Spendapenny is probably the UK’s leading Chip Design Engineer. Ever since the heyday of the crinkle-cut chip a few decades ago, gastronomic designers have been working hard to produce a new style of chip suitable for the 21st Century. There have been many attempts to develop a new chip style for the zeitgeist ofContinue reading “Great British Chip Design”

Trilobites under My Auntie’s Deckchair

Fallopian Designateddriver was yesterday announced as this year’s Beige Award for Fiction Prize winner for her novel Trilobites under My Auntie’s Deckchair. The book concerns the coming of age of a young girl during the Great Postage Stamp Crisis of 1952. It was a time when Great Britain was still emerging from the rationing ofContinue reading “Trilobites under My Auntie’s Deckchair”

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