Maturity and Sexual Desire – A Guide

Well, to be honest – despite this being a blog post –  it is not all that often at all, not these days. I suppose it is inevitable in a way; as you grow older that sort of thing becomes, well, not exactly uninteresting. You do though begin to wonder if it is worth theContinue reading “Maturity and Sexual Desire – A Guide”

Each Day That Passes

People tell me there are gods that rule our fates. They say there is a plan, a reason for everything that happens to us. They say the gods care about us, look after us and make sure our lives have purpose. I have to wonder about that. I am old now, but even when IContinue reading “Each Day That Passes”

The Look

‘Perhaps this would be a good place to start?’ I said. She looked around. She was not impressed. ‘Not much of a page is it?’ ‘What do you mean? A page is a page. They all look like this until something is written on them. She didn’t seem convinced. She gave me a look. ThatContinue reading “The Look”

Dear Gertrude

But, dear Gertrude, there are only so many sensuous situations we can ponder upon in our garden of dreams. You may have the tennis racquet and I have a pineapple, but where are the politicians when we need them? Of course, many philosophers down the ages have held a pomegranate in one hand while cursingContinue reading “Dear Gertrude”

The Darkest Days of History

Splendiferous Parkingspace first came to prominence in the UK during the 1980s. Nowadays, of course, the 1980s are officially regarded as the most boring decade in human history, even outclassing the Turnip Mania decade of the 1770s in many histories of the world. A period which – of course – ultimately led to the BritishContinue reading “The Darkest Days of History”

Monday Poem: The Frozen Fields

The Frozen Fields We drift through mists that hide the day. The night will close in on us, and the cold Will make us huddle protectively inside. The rain will fall, almost frozen, hard Like the ice of sadness that freezes Then shatters the delicate heart of one Who has known love and seen itContinue reading “Monday Poem: The Frozen Fields”

A Domestic Goddess

Obviously, it was not what was originally envisaged. But, as you probably know, very few of these things are, especially not if that original envisaging is mostly instigated through the medium of advertising. Once an old advertising slogan went along the lines of ‘it does what it says on the tin.’ Mostly though, things haveContinue reading “A Domestic Goddess”

A Real World Out There?

This world is not the world I remember. It has been some years, how many I do not know. But it goes beyond that. Changes over the time I’ve been away I could expect and understand. But this – these changes – go beyond mere alterations made by the passage of time. Something fundamental isContinue reading “A Real World Out There?”

The Sensual Mathematician

It is usually not until after the age of puberty that we realise just how sexy the number 7 is. After that, it seems we become obsessed with mathematics and seeing numbers in all their naked glory. Back in the days before the internet how many of us used to lie under the bedcovers atContinue reading “The Sensual Mathematician”

The Shadow Dancer

Sadjil was a Shadow Dancer. We met – if met is the right word – one night back in the Year of the Green Death. I was walking the streets unable to sleep. I’d lost my ability to dream after a bout of the sickness that bought the Green Death. Without my dreams to sellContinue reading “The Shadow Dancer”

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