[….] ‘Are you going to tell me?’ Julia said as the song ended. ‘Tell you what?’ ‘Why you aren’t going to the lectures? Why you act so pissed off all the time? Why you don’t make me laugh like you used to?’ She knelt up on the bed, looking at me. The light of theContinue reading “Envy”

Stories on the Wind

There were times when there were stories blowing on the wind. There were once times when it seemed there was a tale lying over every hill and each horizon hid legends and myths beyond the rising or setting sun. There were times when these lands seemed full of stories and each traveller carried with themContinue reading “Stories on the Wind”

In the Dark of Morning

Then there are those mornings when the alarm drags us out of the night while it is still dark. We huddle tight against each other to keep the cold at bay while we try to hang on to those scraps of dreams that somehow promised a life better than this. A life where I didContinue reading “In the Dark of Morning”

The Disappearing

Sometimes it gets too hard to hold onto the world. Things lose their shape, become indistinct and their edges fade away. Sometimes whole areas of this world disappear. I have lost houses, streets, villages and even towns and cities sometimes. All just disappearing and leaving no trace. Sometimes the buildings disappear, leaving just roads thatContinue reading “The Disappearing”

Plumbing the Depths

Time was when there were things around that made it necessary to rub the upper thighs in a lascivious manner and speak of things involving baby oil and some of the more arcane sizes of tap washer. Ah, but we were young then and plumbing seemed both exotic and daring. There were times when IContinue reading “Plumbing the Depths”

The Minutiae of our Moments

There are times when it seems the very ring roads of our souls are as empty and deserted as any early Sunday morning car park that stretches forlornly around the DIY Megastores of our hearts. We wander through our thoughts and dreams like that lone wandering shopping trolley that has been left exposed and aloneContinue reading “The Minutiae of our Moments”

Waiting for Something Interesting to Happen

Well, there you are, fancy seeing someone like you in a place like this. Makes me wonder what the world is coming to. Still, pull up an aardvark and rest your weary jodhpurs. It may take a while for anything that interesting to happen. These days it seems to take longer and longer to getContinue reading “Waiting for Something Interesting to Happen”

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