Monday Poem: The Frozen Fields

The Frozen Fields We drift through mists that hide the day. The night will close in on us, and the cold Will make us huddle protectively inside. The rain will fall, almost frozen, hard Like the ice of sadness that freezes Then shatters the delicate heart of one Who has known love and seen itContinue reading “Monday Poem: The Frozen Fields”

No Sun or Stars

That winter was cold and dark, colder and darker than any winter I remember. It did not snow that much, so it was not a proper cold winter. It rained, and the mornings were dull and misty. Everything felt damp, with a coldness that wearied rather than chilled. I remember longing for one of thoseContinue reading “No Sun or Stars”

The Beast of the Fog

Something crawls out from the realm of possibility. The fog lies deep, solid over the sea. There is nothing to see except the still water with muted waves lying below the greyness of the heavy cloud. It is as though the clouds have real weight, pressing down on the sea, ironing out the waves toContinue reading “The Beast of the Fog”

The Mists of the Forgotten Seas

Far across the Forgotten Seas, there lies a country lost in the mists of distance. Few travellers ever arrived there, and fewer returned to tell their tales. So many sailors’ wives stood for far too long staring out at the horizon, waiting for menfolk who never returned. Those few that did return never lost thatContinue reading “The Mists of the Forgotten Seas”

The Guardians and the Village

From up there, he saw the village spread out below him, just behind the small narrow beach and trapped there between the sea, the cliffs, and the swamp behind the village that kept Shakesbridge separate and isolated. Up here, his ancestors had built the Tower; they claimed to watch out for invasion from the sea.Continue reading “The Guardians and the Village”

A God No More

It was cold. Shreena wrapped the blankets tight around herself. She was not used to the cold. She had almost forgotten how cold this world could be. She opened one eye and glanced around. The sun was rising through the trees. She could see her breath on the cold air, rising from where she lay.Continue reading “A God No More”

The Procession

Even so, there should have been something, some way of knowing. These things emerge out of the mists of the mornings and then are gone, like dreams… or like nightmares. Julie turned and then turned again. She could hear, or at least, there was a memory of hearing something. The shapes had come out ofContinue reading “The Procession”

What The Stories Tell Us

Stories tell us so much. They tell us how the day begins and where the sun goes when the night creeps across the land. They tell us what the animals are and where they hide, out in the mystery of this world. Stories told me of the mists and how, one morning she would beContinue reading “What The Stories Tell Us”

The Long Fog

The fog has not lifted for days now. It is dull, cold damp world that looms suddenly out of the thick greyness, taking us all by surprise. Sound is deadened, muted. We feel cocooned in some thick wadding that wraps around our world trapping us all inside. At first, we all assumed it was moreContinue reading “The Long Fog”

The Golden Days Of Autumn

Our summer is waning now as the year grows older and what was once green is now fading. The autumn has its golds, reds, and oranges, giving it a sense of something still possible, even though the days themselves fade into grey. The night spreads, growing stronger, longer. Our mornings are lost in mists andContinue reading “The Golden Days Of Autumn”

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