The Far Shore

 The Far Shore Now, look across the bay to that far shore. Now, open your hand see the handful of sand you hold. Now, let the sand sift through your opening fingers. Now, the sand is all gone, turn and walk away. Do not turn back to see the mist as it descends to hideContinue reading “The Far Shore”

What We Became

  It was easy to forget, once we walked away, about what happened in that valley. At least, at first, we thought so. It was to be our new life, now we were on our own. We thought it would be… well, if not easy, then something we could live with… survive. That night, though,Continue reading “What We Became”

The Entrance to the Lair

He prepared himself and took a firm grip on his lance, ignoring the smirk from the peasant. ‘Are you sure this is it?’   The peasant nodded. ‘In here… definitely.’   Sir Gawain studied the cave entrance. ‘It’s a bit small.’   ‘Are you worried your lance is too big to fit in the hole?’Continue reading “The Entrance to the Lair”

Here be Dragons… Possibly

‘We’re here.’ ‘What?’ Sir Gawain stared around the damp misty valley, then turned to his squire. ‘Are you sure?’ ‘Yes, look.’ His squire held up the sat-nav. Sir Gawain clunked across to her. He was sure the constant drizzle was making his armour rusty, seizing it up slowly. His squire showed him the sat-nav screen.Continue reading “Here be Dragons… Possibly”

Shadows and Secret Places

Shadows and Secret Places The morning, formal, stiff and cold, too dark and distant, waiting there as though it lacks the strength to dismiss the night and dissolve its secrets and its rituals in shadows all hiding at the edge of things and waiting for darkness creeping back, embracing them again when daylight falls awayContinue reading “Shadows and Secret Places”

Take Me with You

‘Take me with you,’ she said. ‘Why?’ He looked down at the woman standing in the sodden field, half-covered in mud and a basket at her feet. The basket contained a bare handful of root vegetables, too muddy and scrawny for him to identify what they were. ‘I could keep you warm at night.’ AContinue reading “Take Me with You”

The Day of the Battle

When the day came we were ready. Our forces were spread out on the hill overlooking the mist-shrouded valley. The air was cold, almost frosty. The grass was damp underfoot as we stood together, both wrapped in my heavy fur cloak. We had spent the night together under that cloak; even then the cold metalContinue reading “The Day of the Battle”


Mountains It is not easy to remember All the world’s necessities When this world refuses to exist Without the words to describe it. Parts of it sometimes disappear When I forget to give names To all these things around me. The distant grey mountains Were lost to me the other day. I must have forgottenContinue reading “Mountains”

Summer Again

  Those were the times. They became these memories that sustain these dull days as they pass almost indistinguishable from each other. The world grows darker, closer, what once was distance and possibility is now a mist-shrouded horizon, close enough almost to touch. There were distant hills out there, back in those sunnier days. TheContinue reading “Summer Again”

Of Monsters and Men

  Of course, there are many ladies who often find themselves beguiled by such sights as a fully-kilted Scotsman tossing his caber while his sporran oscillates gently in the Highland breezes. As is now well-known it was a certain Highland lass called Morag who was the first to see what latter became known as theContinue reading “Of Monsters and Men”

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