Needing a Good Home

  Well, it happens… I suppose…. But I don’t know, really, how it happened. It wasn’t anything I really expected, not even in some of my more… er… imaginative dreams, and I do tend to have some odd dreams. My dreams are so odd I’ve stopped telling other people about them. There were too manyContinue reading “Needing a Good Home”

Where Do You Get Your Ideas From?

  She said to me: ‘Where do you get your ideas from?’ I couldn’t lie to her, not with how she was holding me. I’d seen her make a lemon meringue and watching her squeezing the lemons had made me nervous, even then. Now, with her holding my delicacies in he same way as sheContinue reading “Where Do You Get Your Ideas From?”

Distinctly Indistinct

  It was distinctly indistinct in a way the left everyone who thought they saw it absolutely positive about its haziness. Those who saw it were absolutely certain that it was so simply indescribable in the complexity of its simplicity, while those who had no idea about it wondered – often at great length –Continue reading “Distinctly Indistinct”


  Still, as they say you can’t make an omelette without at least making some sort of attempt at cooking, no matter how half-arsed. Just what that has to do with why we are gathered here this fine… bloody ordinary and – to be honest – rather dull… morning I have yet to discover, forContinue reading “Possibly….”

Monday Poem: Here is the Place

  Here is the Place Here is the place we stood to see the world begin. Here is the time we took to get to know the world. Now all that is gone and lost and the days begin without us. We do not need the ceremonies of morning. We know the sun will riseContinue reading “Monday Poem: Here is the Place”

Some Odd Angle to This World

It lay, I knew, at some odd angle to this world. It was there waiting for me, I had seen its high towers through the morning mists. I had glimpsed the road I would have to take to cross the old stone bridge over the river that separated this world from that, but only ifContinue reading “Some Odd Angle to This World”

Monday Poem: Creatures that Crawl

Creatures that Crawl We no longer need to believein ghosts or creatures that crawlout of myth and superstition.We grow too old for all that. Still, though, you want to believestill want to think that somethingis waiting closer than safetyfor the moment when it can crawl out of the darker shadows and oninto your unprotected mindthatContinue reading “Monday Poem: Creatures that Crawl”

Her Gentle Lands

It was a cold rough land where the winds raged in torment and the snows and rains fell as though the heavens were cursing the land that shuddered and shivered beneath them. It was not a land for the gentle and the graceful, for the delicate and the fine, so what she was doing there,Continue reading “Her Gentle Lands”

Stories and Strangers

You emerged out of the mist-shrouded distances onto the early morning path where I was walking. ‘Come with me,’ you said and took me back along paths of mist and dawn to a place you knew. You said you had spent the evening before listening to the stories I told of the women who knowContinue reading “Stories and Strangers”

Inadequate Aphorisms

She came out of the mists of morning, roller-skating naked into our lives with all the… er… with all the… well, like some woman with no clothes on roller-skating… in the mist. You have to admit that folk wisdom is a bit short on similes for such occurrences, not only because most of those aphorismsContinue reading “Inadequate Aphorisms”

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