The Cold Lands

I had never come this far north before, never been to the Cold Lands. Someone, years ago in a roadside tavern, told me the people of the Cold Lands have such cruel and vicious gods that cause their people to live cold hard lives. He also told me that their soldiers patrol the borders lookingContinue reading “The Cold Lands”

Thursday Poem: Those Dark Corners

Those Dark Corners The day begins so slowly with the nightslipping reluctantly down from the mindlike some dark creature of the shadow placesretreating hesitant before the dawncan come and take its hiding places away. The light will come soon now and chase away all those dark corners where the fear and dread still wait, reluctantContinue reading “Thursday Poem: Those Dark Corners”

Scattered over the Possibility of a Day

Then you shake the dark sheets of the night and watch the stars scatter and fall, twisting the shape of this universe into something new. A place where the possibilities arise and all your dreams become true. There was a time when you thought all of this was just some dust you scattered over theContinue reading “Scattered over the Possibility of a Day”

The Door to her Dreams

I opened the door from her dreams and walked into her world. She was ready, waiting for me. I told her all the stories she wanted to hear about the strange lands that lay over the hills and she showed me the lands of her bed and of her body, letting me explore all ofContinue reading “The Door to her Dreams”

Never to return

This is where the day will begin, spread out across the morning as though it belongs here. The night has folded its reluctant blankets from across the skies and gathered its long shadows back into itself. We are left here watching the colours return to all that surrounds us as they emerge out of theContinue reading “Never to return”

How Worlds are Created

There are those who think they know how worlds like this come into being. They think they understand how to take this airy nothing and twist it into shape so that the mountains grow out of the flat lands and they think they know those motions of the wrist that can fill this valley withContinue reading “How Worlds are Created”

Leaving the Shore Behind

Slowly, we turn back to the life we have left behind, looking back at that far shore that disappears into the mists of memory. There is nothing left there for us now. All the ties of family and place have gone. There is no home there for us now. Those fires that destroyed everything weContinue reading “Leaving the Shore Behind”

Lift a Day Out of the Ordinary

What begins? We can take days like this and make them into something that goes beyond the ordinary. We can make them into times that matter, days that will live on in memory. It doesn’t take all that much to lift a day out of the ordinary, even a smile or a gentle touch canContinue reading “Lift a Day Out of the Ordinary”

The Early Morning Mists

It held there in the silence of the early morning mists, like some ghost of a wood, like some foggy silhouette of what it could become. The ground was wet and the grass, bracken and other scrubby plants hung heavy with moisture. It was as though the clouds had become too heavy with rain andContinue reading “The Early Morning Mists”

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