Plumbing the Depths

Time was when there were things around that made it necessary to rub the upper thighs in a lascivious manner and speak of things involving baby oil and some of the more arcane sizes of tap washer. Ah, but we were young then and plumbing seemed both exotic and daring. There were times when IContinue reading “Plumbing the Depths”

The Minutiae of our Moments

There are times when it seems the very ring roads of our souls are as empty and deserted as any early Sunday morning car park that stretches forlornly around the DIY Megastores of our hearts. We wander through our thoughts and dreams like that lone wandering shopping trolley that has been left exposed and aloneContinue reading “The Minutiae of our Moments”

The Naked Unicyclist of fate

The naked unicyclist of fate is travelling from door to door of your hopes and memories, soliciting funds to finance the building of a sculpture representing all your failed dreams of a better life than this. Meanwhile the small furry rodents of time are deserting all the sinking ships that were to take you acrossContinue reading “The Naked Unicyclist of fate”

The Soft Certainty of Skin against Skin

The soft certainty of skin against skin. The silent eloquence of touch that tells so much compared to the stuttering inelegance of crude words that can never get this close. The words stutter and stumble into incoherence and silence when their inadequacies are exposed by this certainty of touch. My fingers move and your bodyContinue reading “The Soft Certainty of Skin against Skin”

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