Monday Poem: Shoreline

This week’s special offer! For one week only! A Monday poem on Tuesday! Shoreline But those were early younger days.So eager, waking with the dawnand old enough to walk aloneon down to the deserted beach.I never searched for shells or stoopedto pick out pebbles, choosing themby shape or colour, leaving themwherever they had washed ashore,toContinue reading “Monday Poem: Shoreline”

Monday Poem: Footsteps

Footsteps I remember too muchand I remember nothing.So many names have dancedthrough my longest nights.So many times have been lostbetween dreams and memory.I grow older and I learnthe attractions of forgetfulness. I see colours and I see shapes,edges resolve themselves into form,things capable of being touched.I touch your face with one fingertipand comfort myself withContinue reading “Monday Poem: Footsteps”

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