Mistakes We now are almost ready to begin. This is the place it starts, beginning here. We find these places and we create times From those we take with us as memories. We cannot shape these moments held so tight Into a final form until we know The shapes they should always then take beforeContinue reading “Mistakes”

The Echo of His Absence

The Echo of His Absence Her father was like a ghost to her. She lived inside the echoes of his absences Like someone waiting for something To take her life and make it begin. She needed someone to take the day And open it out for her in his palm. To show her how timeContinue reading “The Echo of His Absence”

Modern Visions

Modern Visions They had visions, dreams of modernity. A land of electricity and efficiency. Cold concrete towering over small lives About busy purposeful progress in streets So far below. Like insignificant creatures Of some nest crawling about the earth For purposes they do not know and queens They slave for but never see. In orderContinue reading “Modern Visions”

She Stops

She Stops She stops, her hunger unsatisfied By all the goods on display. Easy purchase for the empty soul. She stops, her needs unsatisfied By all the attention given By many men eager to hold her name. She stops, her desire unsatisfied By all the hollow satisfactions offered For her hungry mind to feed on.Continue reading “She Stops”

Out of the Ashes

Out of the Ashes This is not how beginnings are made, Out of the ashes Of what has recently fallen. We ought to go out beyond To find a new greener valley. One where the memories Do not haunt each waking step And dreams are filled with places And faces that we know too well,Continue reading “Out of the Ashes”

A Princess’s Disdain

  A Princess’s Disdain I’ve travelled all those far distant lands Hiding inside your secret dreams. I’ve seen all you ever denied wanting Spread out on exotic rugs before you As you watch with a princess’s disdain While courtiers dance upon your every whim And your failed lovers haunt these corridors Of your fantastic palace,Continue reading “A Princess’s Disdain”

Monday Poem: Seasons of Life

  Seasons of Life Expectation is the first warm day when spring shrugs our coats off. The pale bared skin of women displaying hints of times to come and the possibility of soft touching as the evening shades into darkness and we lie together wondering why so much of this world always lies so farContinue reading “Monday Poem: Seasons of Life”

Monday Poem: Beginning Again

  Beginning Again Out of the dark you came to me to show me the way through, out to the other side of darkness. I held your hand as the rain slowed to a stop and the sun peered out from behind the clouds. The world turned from grey to green again, as we walkedContinue reading “Monday Poem: Beginning Again”

Monday Poem: No Gift To Bring

No Gift to Bring I have no gift to bring, this morning all I have is a new day waiting hidden behind curtains I can open for you, to show you the day spread out and waiting for you to walk out into it. I can take you by the hand and lead you downContinue reading “Monday Poem: No Gift To Bring”

Monday Poem: Dance the Spring

Dance the Spring While singing songs to distant skieswe step and turn as we step and learnto move again as spring returns. That winter was so cold and hardit needed many dances beforethe first slow signs of spring were seen and living could return once moreto take us on, out of the cold and darkness,Continue reading “Monday Poem: Dance the Spring”

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