Monday Poem: Not Suitable for Children

  Not Suitable for Children Not suitable for children, due to small parts, Our conversation pauses, as quick steps Dash about in the hallway beyond. Only to begin again as the door Stays closed, shutting out the sound Of life and play and yet another song. We used to know the words of so manyContinue reading “Monday Poem: Not Suitable for Children”

Monday Poem: Symmetry

  Symmetry The placement of these things is quite significant and precise: a measure from here to there. A feeling of exact symmetry, as though this becomes a balance, a fulcrum of forces invisible but still quite tangible going about their own purposes for which we are merely instruments and not actors in our ownContinue reading “Monday Poem: Symmetry”

Monday Poem: Feel Good

  Feel Good All across the sky are written the secrets of the night. We look for meanings in these arrangements, but there is only distance, in that cold darkness that separates and divides. We cannot reach beyond but one hand over the eyes can block out all of the sky. This willing blindness createdContinue reading “Monday Poem: Feel Good”

Gone to Distant Lands

  Gone to Distant Lands There is distance hidden there in your half-closed eyes. You are off and travelling far away on your own blue seas leaving me behind on these shores watching your sails disappear beyond the far horizon. You are gone to distant lands while I wait for you to return to comeContinue reading “Gone to Distant Lands”

Monday Poem: A Reflex for Survival

  A Reflex for Survival Holding on will happen slowly as the fingers learn how to clutch and never let go, like something recalled from lost instinct. A reflex for survival, a need to go on living, despite the desire to lose the self in falling down to some deep, darker unknown to lose theContinue reading “Monday Poem: A Reflex for Survival”

Monday Poem: A Possibility of Creation

  A Possibility of Creation This could be anything, a shape that fits Easily into the curve of the hand, Becomes a possibility of creation. A tool or a weapon, or something That can be used to twist a new day Into motion, as we wait for the world To come into being all aroundContinue reading “Monday Poem: A Possibility of Creation”

Monday Poem: Sandcastles

  Sandcastles We are here, eager for the morning, waiting to take the day in our hands and run with it down to the beach, to build the sandcastles of our childhood on the hard sands before the tide of life comes tumbling in to wash it all away. When we return to these beachesContinue reading “Monday Poem: Sandcastles”

Monday Poem: Eye of the Storm

  Eye of the Storm The cool warmth of lips that could kiss. Hair I can tangle my fingers in. A breast I could rest my head upon, Feeling the soothing heartbeat Of one close enough for comfort. It is easy to lie here together, Listening to the rain and wind rage Against the windowContinue reading “Monday Poem: Eye of the Storm”

Monday Poem: Flying Free

  Flying Free So, this silence falls down around us As we let the bird fly free from open palms. Watching it become a speck and then nothing Before turning back to break free of that silence Of a solemn and significant moment. We wait for breathing to return to tense bodies And life toContinue reading “Monday Poem: Flying Free”

Monday Poem: Skin like Honey

  Skin like Honey All my desires are for the dreams of flesh all made of warm, alive and breathing skin. I think of silver and I think of gold I think of moments when and think of moments where time becomes a place to move inside and where a day is all we haveContinue reading “Monday Poem: Skin like Honey”

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