Monday Poem: A Form of Silence

  A Form of Silence All these words are little more than another form of silence. The world takes our voices and scatters them on the winds, so all our words become little more than soft breezes rustling the leaves and grass and billowing the curtains. The words are lost on the winds, taken byContinue reading “Monday Poem: A Form of Silence”

Monday Poem: To Shape a Secret

To Shape a Secret We search for signs and give the power of names to all we see and all we hold, keeping special secret names for all we know, but cannot see and could never dare to touch. Your hand moves through the air to shape a secret between us both neither of usContinue reading “Monday Poem: To Shape a Secret”

Monday Poem: Here is the Place

  Here is the Place Here is the place we stood to see the world begin. Here is the time we took to get to know the world. Now all that is gone and lost and the days begin without us. We do not need the ceremonies of morning. We know the sun will riseContinue reading “Monday Poem: Here is the Place”

Monday Poem: The Fragility of Life

The Fragility of Life Reaching out a tentative and hesitating fingertouching pulsing undulation and there feeling the warmthfeel the heat of living fleshboth so solid and too fragileunderneath the pressure of a single finger. As the hand touchesand the life moves underneathtowards the sudden realisation of the fragility of lifehow tentative is the gripon thisContinue reading “Monday Poem: The Fragility of Life”

Monday Poem: Time Slips Away

Time Slips Away It is long, it is slow. The time drips like a worn-out tap and we watch it drain away. I take a journey like a raindrop in a river towards the sea that stretches out to fill the horizon. Time takes us sailing away from our small lives into the past, intoContinue reading “Monday Poem: Time Slips Away”

Monday Poem: Distances Between

Distances Between Distance is always the spacein-between places and times. We talk of distance and only speakof the absence of closeness. It could be so easy, if onlywe allowed time to stand still as we move between momentsas we move between places we find hidden in the lost regions beyond the edges of all ourContinue reading “Monday Poem: Distances Between”

Monday Poem: Slightly Further

Slightly Further If I walk away, down to the shoreI will see the sea and see the skyand that horizon where they meetseeming almost close enough to touch. But so many things seem to be thereclose enough for easy reaching hands.I could lift my hand up to the sky, pluck out the moon from theContinue reading “Monday Poem: Slightly Further”

Monday Poem: Like a New Wishing Moment

Like a New Wishing Moment Some unformulated extravagancelike a new wishing momenttaken on the air, like a birdflashing down over a clear river reflecting sunshine and blue skyempty of all but a few clouds,light and insubstantial as wishes,as we make promises we know will never be kept, at leastnot in a world like this, whenContinue reading “Monday Poem: Like a New Wishing Moment”

Monday Poem: Pulling the Darkness Out

Pulling the Darkness Out I saw the night creep away to hidecowering in shadows and dark placeswhere the sun will not find itand pull the darkness out of itand tear our secrets from within its folds. It curls up to hide out the daytaking all our secrets with itthat we whispered in the darkknowing theContinue reading “Monday Poem: Pulling the Darkness Out”

Monday Poem: Meet the Moment

Meet the Moment Here is the day I found for youout here in dappled meadowswhere the clouds chase their shadows across the waving grassand the flowers dance away from the touch of languid insects. We came here to meet the momentand search for newer days that flowaround us as we lie together watching our livesContinue reading “Monday Poem: Meet the Moment”

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