Monday Poem: The World can hold so Much

The World can hold so Much We hold each other close against this world around us. But each day that passes bybecomes another story for our children to learn about what lies beyond these walls. The springs and summers, autumns, winters, days that grow from nothing and take us away from all we hold toContinue reading “Monday Poem: The World can hold so Much”

Monday Poem: The Heat Oppresses Us

The Heat Oppresses Us The heat oppresses uspulling us down towards the leastthat can be done. Each movementtakes its toll on movementin this airless world. Where even breathingbecomes a chore and time drips like sweatdown the melting clock face and sticks ustight against these sheets, as we watch the windowwaiting for the curtains to indicateContinue reading “Monday Poem: The Heat Oppresses Us”

Monday Poem: The Rough Certainty

The Rough Certainty Touch the rough certaintyof cold ancient stone, feel the sudden shockof warm life bursting into flight from the darkof a deeper shadowed corner that turns unliving stoneinto something more vital connecting back throughthe warm pulse of blood to times far too long agowhen hands just like these took stone from the groundtoContinue reading “Monday Poem: The Rough Certainty”

Monday Poem: Her Fingers

Her Fingers Now, look at her long thin fingershow they curl close around your worldto take sharp hold of your lifegiving it shape, form and meaning. She takes the hand of all your morningsand takes them on down to the riverto wash you clean of all you want to forgetand the heavy stains of tooContinue reading “Monday Poem: Her Fingers”

Monday Poem: What She Brings

What She Brings She walks through all his dreams, through all his nights.She is always there, he is not alone.She haunts his waking hours with promises of times they’ll spend together when he walks the passageways of his warm dreams again along to that closed door to enter her worldto where she takes him byContinue reading “Monday Poem: What She Brings”

Monday Poem: Her Yesterdays lie Drowned

Her Yesterdays lie Drowned She shapes her memories with movementturning them into dreams she clutches in her handsas she swims deeper into her dreams to find her way back to those undersea caveswhere her yesterdays lie drownedin the tears of all her many regrets for a life she walked away fromand crossed so many seasContinue reading “Monday Poem: Her Yesterdays lie Drowned”

Monday Poem: She is everything

She is everything She is like the timeShe is like motionShe is the worldShe moves through. She is soft like silkShe is hard as stoneShe shines like a starShe orbits around. She is all the skyShe turns to face.She laughs at youShe wants to be freedom. She wants everythingShe is everythingShe tells no liesShe neverContinue reading “Monday Poem: She is everything”

Monday Poem: Once-Invented Gods

Once-Invented Gods Now there is only time and there’s no space outside this, as the numbers fall on downinto the space between the distant spaces.You twist and turn to become a shape that movesthrough distances and times still turning too. We keep what we can hold, the reaching hand outstretched towards what we almost canContinue reading “Monday Poem: Once-Invented Gods”

Monday Poem: The Way Back

The Way Back All of this is hidden in the darkest cornersof those places you do not want to go,if these are memories, they hauntyou like malignant ghosts. If they are not memories, you walkthese halls and corridors,searching for a shape to bring fortha new world from these ashes Of a life you once heldContinue reading “Monday Poem: The Way Back”

Monday Poem: The Distances in the Universes of our Eyes

The Distances in the Universes of our Eyes We fall between the stars, and know, as distances all spread around,about what it means to be alone.We stood and watched the arcing skies above us, turning with the world looking for signs, looking for reasons for why this world is turning stilland why it turns aloneContinue reading “Monday Poem: The Distances in the Universes of our Eyes”

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