Each Day That Passes

People tell me there are gods that rule our fates. They say there is a plan, a reason for everything that happens to us. They say the gods care about us, look after us and make sure our lives have purpose. I have to wonder about that. I am old now, but even when IContinue reading “Each Day That Passes”

When Empires Fall

The end, when it came, came quickly. For a long time the Sun Empire had dismissed us as savages, treated us cruelly, kept us behind a wall in the northernmost outposts of their Empire. My father and his father before him had both led armies against that wall. Both had failed. My Grandfather died fallingContinue reading “When Empires Fall”

The Dragon Slayer

‘Sire?’ ‘Be on your guard, Plotkin. They could be anywhere.’ The squire looked around warily and drew his horse closer to his master’s massive warhorse. He looked up at the knight encased in the armour Plotkin had spent most of the night polishing. ‘Sire?’ ‘What now?’ ‘You said, back at the Inn where you hiredContinue reading “The Dragon Slayer”

The Mystery of the Disappearing Queen

‘You missed a good story in the inn last night.’ Helm shrugged. ‘I have little time for storytellers. They’re all liars.’ Tolg sat down beside the shepherd, both watching the sheep. ‘Oh, this storyteller is new. He hasn’t visited our village before.’ Helm muttered his thanks as Tolg passed him the wine bottle. Helm drankContinue reading “The Mystery of the Disappearing Queen”

The Philosophy of Bacon Sandwiches

‘Each donkey is unique in its own way. Then again so is each mandolin. However, approaching the wrong donkey with the wrong mandolin is not recommended. Nor – for that matter – is approaching the right donkey with the wrong mandolin.’ As many of those who have studied philosophy will recognise, those are the wordsContinue reading “The Philosophy of Bacon Sandwiches”

How Cheese Made Civilisation Possible

Many people these days are familiar with how evolutionary psychology has shaped the human mind. For back in the early years, when humans were small groups of hunter gatherers, there was little or no naturally occurring cheese to be found. Those who did discover the natural cheese deposits began to mine it and develop theContinue reading “How Cheese Made Civilisation Possible”

Tears of Sadness, Tears of Joy

We did not know why it happened. It felt like any other time. The years rolled on much as they always had, and – we assumed – always would. The young were born, they got older, and if disease or other misfortune did not tear them from us, they married, had children of their ownContinue reading “Tears of Sadness, Tears of Joy”

Long Live the… King

‘Your Majesty,’ Menvin bowed low. ‘The king is dead.’ ‘Oh.’ ‘I’m sorry.’ ‘There will be a period of mourning, no doubt?’ ‘Of course, your majesty.’ ‘Then after that… my coronation. How long will it be?’ ‘Er….’ Menvin shifted from foot to foot, his eye caught by a detail on a tapestry behind Shilen’s head. ‘MyContinue reading “Long Live the… King”

Damsons in Distress

‘Is it worth it?’ ‘I… what do you mean?’ The squire shifted the load on the tired old packhorse. The horse gave the squire a long-suffering look. The squire turned back to Sir Pokeabit. ‘This going on a quest… is it worth it?’ ‘Worth it? There are dragons to kill, damsons to rescue, treasure toContinue reading “Damsons in Distress”

Free Kindle Humour Novel: In the Beginning

In the Beginning   FREE for the next five days. Get it here (UK link), here (US link), or here (universal link) In the Beginning It’s a God’s life. Albert Meadows, recently made redundant and tired of his disappointing life, is looking to make a new start and is desperate to find something worthwhile to fillContinue reading “Free Kindle Humour Novel: In the Beginning”

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