Getting to the Point

It is hard sometimes. But this is not the correct forum to discuss that. Anyway, moving on… Actually, it isn’t that hard that often these days. But you don’t want to hear about that. As I was about to say… I suppose it is an age thing. After all, when it was young there wasContinue reading “Getting to the Point”

The Predicament

It is not always obvious. If it were, she’d no doubt complain that it was in the way all the time, blocking her view of the TV or dangling in her breakfast porridge, or something like that. Luckily though, most of the time it is unobtrusive, going about its own life in its own way.Continue reading “The Predicament”

Common or Garden Perversions

Of course, the most obvious difficulty with common or garden perversions is often that what is suitable for a common, or other area of open ground such as a park, wasteland, supermarket car park or sports pitch, is not suitable for a garden, or vice-versa. To take an example at random, the frequent use ofContinue reading “Common or Garden Perversions”

Deep-Sea Perversions

Of course, being in the heart of rural England means that we here at Little Frigging do not have all that much call for deep-sea perversions, at least during the normal run of events. Such things as multi-porpoise lubricants, codpieces and squid restraints are not often discussed, even during the late night sessions down atContinue reading “Deep-Sea Perversions”

The Care Of Recently-Hatched Lawyers

No doubt, when summer arrives your first early spring batches of Lawyer eggs will soon hatch out into tadpoles – if you are lucky. Then you will need to start to search for a swamp fetid enough for them to grow into maturity, or – at least – as close to maturity as lawyers everContinue reading “The Care Of Recently-Hatched Lawyers”

Turning This Grey World Green

Turning This Grey World Green The snow clouds down on us, a falling sky Now lost beyond itself to leave this home So deep in white. We turn towards what lies Beneath our footsteps trudging deep and slow On through this drifting winter sharp with cold Until the tired days fade away behind The stepsContinue reading “Turning This Grey World Green”

Maturity and Sexual Desire – A Guide

Well, to be honest – despite this being a blog post –  it is not all that often at all, not these days. I suppose it is inevitable in a way; as you grow older that sort of thing becomes, well, not exactly uninteresting. You do though begin to wonder if it is worth theContinue reading “Maturity and Sexual Desire – A Guide”

Llamas and Bureaucracy – A Crisis in the Making

Still, I suppose you know what llamas are like. Most people these days have at least some familiarity with what was once regarded as exotic wildlife – at least in places far from their natural habit – through the medium of the TV nature documentary. Although, even these days, there are still some people whoContinue reading “Llamas and Bureaucracy – A Crisis in the Making”

Monday Poem: The Frozen Fields

The Frozen Fields We drift through mists that hide the day. The night will close in on us, and the cold Will make us huddle protectively inside. The rain will fall, almost frozen, hard Like the ice of sadness that freezes Then shatters the delicate heart of one Who has known love and seen itContinue reading “Monday Poem: The Frozen Fields”

The Naked Gardener

Now world-famous for trimming her bush live on BBC3.142’s Naked Gardening, Herbaceous Seedling has become a horticultural media sensation. Countless millions of viewers have watched her uncanny prowess with handling a dibber on web video Sites. Her naked gardening DVDs have outsold not only the top-selling porn DVDs but also the recordings of semi-naked actorsContinue reading “The Naked Gardener”

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