The Tragic Death of the World’s Greatest Film Actress

Despite the tragic accident than claimed her life at the relatively young age of 35, Spoon Llamagasket will – most likely – be regarded as the greatest film actress of our age. While only appearing in a bit part in a single almost insignificant scene in the 1990’s biggest box-office flop Return of the CloneContinue reading “The Tragic Death of the World’s Greatest Film Actress”

Worldwide Admire Your Own Genitals Day

Now, it just so happens that today is the day for doing stuff that there is no other special day for. Only yesterday, for example, was National Staring At Cheese Day. So, no doubt you spent several deeply-fulfilling hours gazing in awe at a Wensleydale, or – for the more daring – at a DoubleContinue reading “Worldwide Admire Your Own Genitals Day”

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