Latest Celebrity Disease Outbreak

Sagebush Tinkywinky is probably now the world’s leading celebrity, famous for… well, anyway. However, celebrity watchers were shocked and horrified to discover that Tinkywinky was the latest celebrity to fall victim to the hideous disease running rife through the world of the rich and famous. Women from all walks of the celebrity world, from rockContinue reading “Latest Celebrity Disease Outbreak”

A Breakthrough in Political Theory

Testes Sausagecrime is probably these days the leading political theorist in the UK. Recently, after several years of in-depth research he has concluded that there is a fundamental error right at the very heart of how people see politics. That is not just in the UK, but also in the Western world, if not throughoutContinue reading “A Breakthrough in Political Theory”

Grandmasters and Artificial Intelligence

Spermwhale Loftinsulation is these days probably the leading Cheese Uninterest Grandmaster in the world today. Of course, professional Cheese Uninterest is probably one of the most exacting sports in the world at this time. Some would even argue that a tactical mastery of complete uninterest in cheese is easily on a par with chess asContinue reading “Grandmasters and Artificial Intelligence”

Vaguely Scientific-Sounding Bollocks

Isosceles Toadimplication is, of course, the world’s leading exponent of making vaguely scientific-sounding bollocks for the world’s media. Apparently, a great many, if not the majority, of consumers of the world’s media do like to see some vaguely scientific-sounding bollocks when they consume their daily dose of news as entertainment. Of course, in the pastContinue reading “Vaguely Scientific-Sounding Bollocks”

Sport and Foodstuffs

Structuraldefect Pastrycase is, as almost everyone in the country knows, one of the UK’s leading defensive pastry makers currently appearing in the professional leagues. Of course, as one of the founder members of The International Pie Competitions Association, most sports fans expect the UK to have a strong pie team. Unfortunately, since the introduction ofContinue reading “Sport and Foodstuffs”

Celebrities in Space

Recently, a poll voted Podule Slingback as the celebrity most people would like to see launched into space on a one-way trip. However, such is the massive ego of such celebrity; he immediately claimed that he would be willing to give it a go. ‘I’m sure my many fans would dearly love for me toContinue reading “Celebrities in Space”

Politics and Basic Prevention Measures

Spasmodic Troutinverter is well-known in the UK as one of the country’s leading politicians. This means that most people when they see him out in the street or in any other public place immediately take their children to a place of safety and hide themselves until the all-clear sounds. For a long time now, ordinaryContinue reading “Politics and Basic Prevention Measures”

Real Justice at Last

Recently there have been several cases where victims have received compensation for crimes that took place several decades ago, with the perpetrators of those crimes imprisoned. However, there are still several more cases going through the courts for crimes committed in the past. Yet still more victims are coming forward too, all making claims forContinue reading “Real Justice at Last”

A Mathematical Genius

Micturition Psychogoat is probably the world’s leading expert in the field of mathematics known as difficult sums. Not only does he know what seven means, he is also able to calculate his conference-speaking fee to 27 decimal places. He has also made several of the world’s governments pay him tax, even while not living, workingContinue reading “A Mathematical Genius”

A UK Government Success Story

Trimphone Soppymallard is, of course, the UK’s leading expert in the field of talking utter bollocks. He has represented his country at international level for several years now and has talked utter bollocks with some of the finest talkers of utter bollocks that the rest of the world has to offer. Whenever there is anContinue reading “A UK Government Success Story”

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