When Dreams Turn to Nightmares

The year fell into cold and darkness. The summer had been long and hot. It felt that something had changed as the late spring eased into early summer. Something new had grown between us in the strengthening summer light. But now the darker days were coming. She turned to me, as the nights grew colder.Continue reading “When Dreams Turn to Nightmares”

A Sacrifice

The darkness was almost solid. Only a handful of stars peeked through the leave in the trees above her. Shifka almost dared not breathe, listening to the rustles and scrabbles of animals in the forest around her as they hunted and were hunted. An owl hooted nearby and something fluttered past her face. Shifka almostContinue reading “A Sacrifice”

When the Dreams Don’t Let Go

Sometimes the night holds on too tight. The dreams are reluctant to let us go, they hold us there in a world we know is not our own, but we’re unable to find the route back to this world we call real. There have been dreamers lost in the night, even as the long summerContinue reading “When the Dreams Don’t Let Go”

The Shadow and the Prey

It was a shadow that moved with its own life force, for its own purposes. It hung around in the dark places, waiting. It was a creature of the dark places, but it did not belong to the dark. It used the dark as other predators do, to satisfy its urges, to satiate its needs.Continue reading “The Shadow and the Prey”

When Every Day is One of Those Days

It was one of those days. He could tell. He’d had many of those days. He’d had a lifetime of those days. Sometimes Sam wondered what he’d done to deserve this life, but on the whole he tried not to think about it. Doreen was asleep, a sort of occasional half-snore emanating from her sideContinue reading “When Every Day is One of Those Days”

The Hauntings

‘Come back,’ she said. I turned. There was no-one there. There never is. The voice comes at odd times with no real pattern or purpose. Like the visions of her, the mirages, the sightings – whatever you want to call them. They happen in various places both inside the house and outside it. I haveContinue reading “The Hauntings”

Not His Story

Jake stood back, a little to one side of the left-hand margin. It paid to be cautious these days. He studied the page carefully, ready for action if it was necessary. He risked taking a few steps closer. It looked like an ordinary paragraph from here. But these days stories started quite fast. That openingContinue reading “Not His Story”

The House of Ill-Repute

‘So, what can I do for you… gentlemen?’ The woman stood arms folded just inside the doorway. Sergeant Henk looked over his shoulder. The rest of the squad sidled away from the doorway towards the corner of the street. Sergeant Henk glanced over his other shoulder. ‘Sir?’ ‘What now, Henk?’ The new captain sauntered acrossContinue reading “The House of Ill-Repute”

One Last Time Around

It was dark. Dark and wet. Although, by now the rain had stopped. It was chilly too, now that summer was turning slowly into winter. ‘It’s dark.’ ‘Yes,’ Signaur agreed. ‘And wet.’ ‘Yes.’ Signaur hissed. ‘I’m supposed to be being quiet.’ ‘Sorry.’ ‘It’s-‘ Signaur turned. ‘Who are you?’ He turned a bit more. ‘Where areContinue reading “One Last Time Around”

Ingar was a Shadow

She walked only in the shadows and held the secrets of the darkness in her hands. She could take the night and wrap it around herself, becoming a deeper darkness in the deeper shadows of the night. She knew how to move so her passing was a cool night time breeze from an open window,Continue reading “Ingar was a Shadow”

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