Waiting for Her

When the time comes, she will know. She has stood at the window watching everything that happens out there. One day, and she feels it will be soon, it will be time for her to step out, back into that world she has watched for so long. There was a time when she used toContinue reading “Waiting for Her”

Going out

Time and tide wait for no man. They will, however, hang on for another five minutes or so for a woman as they know that when she does say she is – at last – ready, the comment is to be taken more as an aspiration than a statement of fact. However, we should notContinue reading “Going out”

The Breeders

All through human history, humankind has tried to rationalise it, come up with explanations for it. From the dark tales that became fairy stories, there were warnings about what happened to young women who stepped off the path and wandered into the unknown. There were fairies, goblins, demons and dragons. In later times, there wereContinue reading “The Breeders”

Dread of the New Day

There were times when it seemed too hard, too difficult to meet the new day. Times when the night never seemed long enough, even though she chased restless sleep across the bed all night. She dreaded the sound of the alarm, which would, inevitably, drag her from whatever exhausted sleep she’d managed, where her dreamsContinue reading “Dread of the New Day”

She who would Serve

The room seemed to flicker in the light from the stuttering candle-flames. The shadows were deep and dark all around me as I settled in my chair to wait. I knew I would not have to wait long. I took a sip from the glass, feeling the wine warm me as I waited. The candle-flamesContinue reading “She who would Serve”

Power Failure

Laura stepped slowly and carefully down the hallway. She knew it well in the light, but the darkness made it strange, alien. She lost all sense of distance and scale the further she went. She did not know how far it was to her own door. The corridor was a usually unremarkable and unremembered partContinue reading “Power Failure”

Monday Poem: Another Stilled Night

Another Stilled Night Is it better to cloak the night in dreams,or to lie awake in the darkness,plotting for what dawn will bringas the unwilling hours stretch outto drag each other slowly forwardto fall in unused heaps at the footof the bed that wallows in the doldrumsof another stilled night, where eachtick falls like theContinue reading “Monday Poem: Another Stilled Night”

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