How the Years Lost Our Secrets

Back then, there were secrets. I could see it in her eyes, that momentary hesitation before she spoke. Of course, we both lied, often to ourselves more than to each other. Somehow, though, that time passed, the lies faded, and those secrets were hidden away as we tried to forget them. Occasionally a memory, aContinue reading “How the Years Lost Our Secrets”

The Washed-Out World

Ella remembered too many of those pale dreams that floated through her nights. All those washed out landscapes like some pale watercolour world. The low mists that hugged the pale green valleys and the riders on grey horses that galloped with mist-muted hoofs through all her dreams. She wondered why she only dreamed of theContinue reading “The Washed-Out World”

Guard Duty

Maybe there was a time when a woman walked alone along the ramparts of this castle in the evenings as the sun set over the far blue hills. Maybe she did stop and stand at one particular place on these walls. Maybe she stood at the place above where the road from the castle gatesContinue reading “Guard Duty”

Out of Those Shadows Grew Demons and Gods

Shadows fall across this world. A silent creeping of darkness that hides all we do not see, all we turn away from. We know the shadows and dark places are dangerous. There is a fear that lurks in those shadowed corners that has haunted us from times long before we knew what it was toContinue reading “Out of Those Shadows Grew Demons and Gods”

A Secret of the Dark Places

This world, though, has so many dark places. It has secrets hidden in the shadows, in those dark corners where no light ever falls. There something moves and grows as it waits for the night to fall. There something lurks, nursing its hunger and waiting to take its revenge on the light and the beingsContinue reading “A Secret of the Dark Places”

Dreams are Easy

Sometimes, Nella thought, dreams are easy. She had known Shola all her life, and she knew Dran too. She knew what Shola wanted, and she knew that Dran was interested too. She would speak to Tallen, the village elder and the wise woman, Drona, and tell them what she had learnt. Within the year, probablyContinue reading “Dreams are Easy”

Forgetting is Easy

Forgetting is easy. I no longer remember her name, or remember how her eyelids crinkled when she laughed. I do not remember those times down by the river when the days flowed by so easily. I do not recall the times when we told each other of our lives and how they had no directionContinue reading “Forgetting is Easy”

When the World was not Itself

Somehow, this world was not right. Lou knew there was something wrong, but putting her finger on that wrong was difficult. It was as though the closer Lou got to whatever it was that was wrong, the further away it appeared to get. Each time she stopped, looked around and saw that this world wasContinue reading “When the World was not Itself”

New Cover: An Undulation of a Shadow’s Edge

Above: The new cover for my short story – An Undulation of a Shadow’s Edge. Available on various formats here An Undulation of a Shadow’s Edge (26 pages – 7000 words) Dark creatures writhe in the city’s shadows, Claire has seen them and seen their hungry eyes watching her… and waiting. Claire avoids the darknessContinue reading “New Cover: An Undulation of a Shadow’s Edge”

The Blue Notebooks

So many things lie out there, beyond the reach. Each hand reaches out to touch and to hold, hoping for the feel of some human warmth against the cold. Each eye opens, wanting to see the light of possibility pulling the day from the darkness. Each heart beats with the need to go on livingContinue reading “The Blue Notebooks”

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