Something for the Weekend: Free Kindle Novel – Hanging Around Until

Hanging Around Until ‘Education is hanging around until you’ve caught on’ – Robert Frost. Set during the mid-1980s, Hanging Around Until is the story of Paul Carr, who, at the age of 28, decides to become a mature student at a North-Eastern university in the hope that an education will help give a direction toContinue reading “Something for the Weekend: Free Kindle Novel – Hanging Around Until”

Something for the Weekend: Free Kindle Novel – Dance on Fire

Free for the next five days: Dance on Fire What do you do when sex and drugs and rock and roll are no longer enough? At one time, Transmission were probably the most famous rock band on the planet. Now, even as they approach their twenty-fifth anniversary they are still up there, one of theContinue reading “Something for the Weekend: Free Kindle Novel – Dance on Fire”

Tired of Being Alone

[….] I recognised the sound: I Fought the Law by The Clash. I had been a teenager when punk hit the music scene like a fist in the face, and I was still there to see how quickly it became an empty parody of itself just over a year later. Now it had become nothingContinue reading “Tired of Being Alone”


[….] After the rehearsal, they adjourned to The Pit. Stan went off with Cathy and did whatever it was he did when he was running the place. Matt seemed quiet and thoughtful, again. ‘What’s the matter?’ Spike asked him. ‘I’m just wondering what my parents will say when I tell them what I’m going toContinue reading “High-rise”


[….] ‘Are you going to tell me?’ Julia said as the song ended. ‘Tell you what?’ ‘Why you aren’t going to the lectures? Why you act so pissed off all the time? Why you don’t make me laugh like you used to?’ She knelt up on the bed, looking at me. The light of theContinue reading “Envy”

Fire Hose

[….] ‘Aaarrgh! Jesus, fuck!’ Pete leapt out of bed, suddenly soaking wet and cold. Johnny was standing on the bottom of Pete’s bed, stark naked except for a bright red bra fastened over his head like a Spitfire pilot’s leather helmet. He was aiming a still-dripping fire hose at Pete. ‘Oh, hello Helena,’ Johnny saidContinue reading “Fire Hose”

Chick Lit Sales Slump

Despite the apparent recent slump in the sales of chic-lit novels, Sherrytrifle Avoirdupois’ new novel Go On Shag me, I’m A Really Fit Bird, Honest goes on sale today. In this, her 23rd novel, Avoirdupois again explores her familiar Chick Lit theme of slightly chubby girls trying to get a decent bloke to hang aroundContinue reading “Chick Lit Sales Slump”

The Mystical Priest of the Beat

  The throbbing beating brain-numbing noise was almost solid enough to touch. The noise used as music in clubs like this was too loud to be music, too primal to be music, too crude to be music; a noise stripped of almost all its possibilities of becoming music. It was music beaten up, raped, buggered,Continue reading “The Mystical Priest of the Beat”

Furry Pink Slippers

‘Good Morning, fellow student!’ Ron cried as I walked into the kitchen the following morning. ‘Hello, how long have you been up?’ As I filled the kettle, I risked a glance inside it. Was that stuff moving? It was certainly growing. I shuddered and turned the kettle on. ‘Not long, but long enough to meetContinue reading “Furry Pink Slippers”

Teach Me Not to Care

‘You bastard!’ It isn’t easy to look up in terrified guilty shock while a naked woman is sitting on your face, but Pete tried it. His physical reaction to the sound of Helena’s voice threw the woman off him. She landed in an untidy heap on the far side of the bed – luckily forContinue reading “Teach Me Not to Care”

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