Lion Tamer

After a couple of hours of sweating, they had cleared enough space to get the gear set up and working. Matt spent a good ten minutes with Johnny, admiring and discussing Johnny’s new drum kit. While they waited for them, Pete chatted with Jenny and Spike. ‘So, what do you think of him then?’ PeteContinue reading “Lion Tamer”

Hanging Around Until – A novel

Set during the mid-1980s, Hanging Around Until is the story of Paul Carr, who, at the age of 28, decides to become a mature student at a North-Eastern university in the hope that an education will help give a direction to his life. On arriving at the university Paul discovers he is to share aContinue reading “Hanging Around Until – A novel”

Review: House of Meetings – Martin Amis

[Fiction 2006] Money by Marin Amis was one of the best books of the 1980s, an almost perfect satire of that awful decade. It is therefore almost inevitable that any novel Amis writes will be compared to that tour-de-force, and often unfavourably. House of Meetings, unfortunately does not stand up well in comparison to MoneyContinue reading “Review: House of Meetings – Martin Amis”

Review: The People’s Act Of Love by James Meek

[Fiction – 2005] The Siberian wastes of Russia where this novel is set are cold, bleak wastelands where people freeze to death all the time. That is just how this novel left me… freezing cold. A few pages in and I was wondering why anyone should feel the need to rewrite Doctor Zhivago. At timesContinue reading “Review: The People’s Act Of Love by James Meek”

Review: First Lady – Michael Dobbs

[Fiction – 2006] The brooding shadow of that magnificently Machiavellian creation Francis Urquhart seems to hang over all of Michael Dobbs subsequent fiction, with nothing he has written since the House of Cards trilogy coming close to matching it. Despite that, this novel is still a great page-turning read. With Ginny Edge, the central characterContinue reading “Review: First Lady – Michael Dobbs”

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