Grand Uncle Stagnant and Philosophy

Let me take you by the throat and lead you through the streets of Little Frigging, where later this evening we will see Grand Uncle Stagnant taking the scenic route home from The Pervert’s Appendage. His route usually takes him via some of the more verdant of the hedges in the vicinity as well asContinue reading “Grand Uncle Stagnant and Philosophy”

It’s Obvious

Obviously, the obvious thing to do here would be to start the sentence with obviously. Or would that be not quite so obvious as you’d think? After all, sometimes the obvious thing to do is not quite so obvious. Sometimes the obvious can be quite unexpected when someone is expecting the unexpected. As the actressContinue reading “It’s Obvious”

Building Utopia

But, of course, she would say that. Amongst many, many other things. There must be some sort of list somewhere that she keeps updated. A list of all your shortcomings… yes, especially those ones. You – apparently – have faults that you didn’t even know were faults. But still, it is not enough that youContinue reading “Building Utopia”

But Then Again

But then again, you have to stop and ask yourself the important question… then you decide you can’t be arsed and carry on anyway. After all, you are here in the kitchen, holding a spoon. There must be some reason for it. You came into the kitchen full of purpose, decisive and ready for action,Continue reading “But Then Again”

Applied Philosophy

There has to be a reason… or, at least, that’s what we tend to think. Don’t we? After all, there is the fact of the kitchen I am standing in, unless Descartes’ demons are playing games with me again… like that time with the shop assistant, the water pistol and the melon. But this isContinue reading “Applied Philosophy”

Dear Gertrude

But, dear Gertrude, there are only so many sensuous situations we can ponder upon in our garden of dreams. You may have the tennis racquet and I have a pineapple, but where are the politicians when we need them? Of course, many philosophers down the ages have held a pomegranate in one hand while cursingContinue reading “Dear Gertrude”

The Philosophy of Bacon Sandwiches

‘Each donkey is unique in its own way. Then again so is each mandolin. However, approaching the wrong donkey with the wrong mandolin is not recommended. Nor – for that matter – is approaching the right donkey with the wrong mandolin.’ As many of those who have studied philosophy will recognise, those are the wordsContinue reading “The Philosophy of Bacon Sandwiches”

A Surfeit of the Middle Ages

Although born in the late Middle-Ages, Palfrey Surfeit became one of the most famous proto-scientists and artists of his – and all – time. Surfeit astounded the scholars of the period when he discovered that women were naked under their clothes. He also proved the moon was not actually made of the navel lint ofContinue reading “A Surfeit of the Middle Ages”

A Lady’s Guide to Fetishes

Ladies, if, at one breakfast time, the man you love – or you, at least, tolerate for the time being – slaps down a photograph of a uniformed policewoman licking an ice cream, and then begins to pleasure himself into your half-empty breakfast cereal dish, it doesn’t – necessarily mean you are co-habiting with aContinue reading “A Lady’s Guide to Fetishes”

Interesting Things 03/11/2017

A miscellany of links I found interesting recently: (As this is the first post in a (possible) new weekly series, there are quite a few of them this time.) On the idiocy of ‘banning’ one of the greatest books of the 20th Century. ‘What’s really ‘disturbing’ of course, are the implications of suppressing a masterpieceContinue reading “Interesting Things 03/11/2017”

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