The Theoretical Nature of Theories of Nature

These days, Rectangle Spiralstaircase is best remembered as the instigator of what later became known as Theory Theory. For a long time in the past people had noticed things, but it wasn’t until the Victorian era when natural philosophers became gentlemen scientists that it became fashionable, especially in polite circles to have a theory ofContinue reading “The Theoretical Nature of Theories of Nature”

Great British Chip Design

Flashmob Spendapenny is probably the UK’s leading Chip Design Engineer. Ever since the heyday of the crinkle-cut chip a few decades ago, gastronomic designers have been working hard to produce a new style of chip suitable for the 21st Century. There have been many attempts to develop a new chip style for the zeitgeist ofContinue reading “Great British Chip Design”

The Philosophy of Cake

Troglodyte Spelunker is probably these days best known as the ubiquitous historian of Cake on the BBC’s 3.142 channel. For many years, until her recent retirement, Spelunker was the Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Cake Studies at Oxford’s leading catering college. There she specialised in both the history and theory of cakes, in particular, why thereContinue reading “The Philosophy of Cake”

All Those Complicated Simple Things

  All those complicated simple things that turn life around, turn the world upside down and turn people inside out. It all looks so simple from the outside. Jodie, a teenager, waiting to become an adult, rails against the hypocrisy, the lies, and the adult compromises both big and small she sees around her. SheContinue reading “All Those Complicated Simple Things”

A Cave Like No Other

It was all too different, all too strange. Helda sat in the corner of the strange cave, her knees drawn up and her arms wrapped tight around them. The stuff she sat on was hard, like the stone of a cave, but smooth and so white. Above her was some sort of fire that gaveContinue reading “A Cave Like No Other”

Software Problems

But, as you have probably worked out by now, it wasn’t supposed to work out like this. Somewhere, buried within the code, there must be a bug. Some have suggested that we take it down, rewrite the code and reboot the whole system. The Boss is not happy about that, though. Although, someone did pointContinue reading “Software Problems”

Free Kindle Novel: Juggling Balls – a Science Fiction Comedy

Available FREE for the next Five days Juggling Balls is available here (universal link)  Juggling Balls A Science Fiction Comedy  Martin Laws hates mysteries. So why has someone sent him a bag of juggling balls? Why has he no memory of buying a new computer? Why has that new computer decided Martin needs to go shopping? WhyContinue reading “Free Kindle Novel: Juggling Balls – a Science Fiction Comedy”

The Old Gods and Their Games

It should have been so simple. These are not complicated worlds to create. Human beings, people, are not as sophisticated as they like to believe. After all, they are little more than other animals. They like to think they have minds, but… well, after all, that’s the way I made them. All their delusions, allContinue reading “The Old Gods and Their Games”

Cheese and a National Disgrace

Helicobacter Mongooseincline first came to prominence as the world’s leading authority on the history of the cheeseboard, often mesmerising TV audiences during the 37 years his History of Cheese appeared on the BBC. His even longer 42-year stint as the host on the nightly The Cheeseboard at Night made him one of the most recognisedContinue reading “Cheese and a National Disgrace”

A New Golden Age

According to the old stories, whispered late at night amongst people who have known each other a long time, there was a time when there were no Temples on the hills in each town or village. These old stories tell of a time from before when our grandfathers were young. They tell of a landContinue reading “A New Golden Age”

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