New Anti-Nuclear Fears

Following the increasingly desperate attempts by sections of the world’s media to whip up hysteria about the post earthquake and tsunami problems at a Japanese nuclear power station, anti-nuclear campaigners have started issuing warnings about what they say is ‘a much graver danger’ that they believe could threaten the whole world. As one anti-nuclear campaigner,Continue reading “New Anti-Nuclear Fears”

Making Sense

<img src="; style="border-style: none" galleryimg="no" onload="var downlevelDiv = document.getElementById('54971e7d-83ba-42f1-a770-627b9d5d1b77'); downlevelDiv.innerHTML = " “;” alt=””>   Well, there you go. Or, in some rather special cases, there you don’t go. Sometimes it seems that everything does look like it is about to make sense, doesn’t it? Then, though, the universe puts a stop to that, andContinue reading “Making Sense”

Time and Space and Stuff

So, anyway, there is little in the way of the use of string that cannot be utilised for all manner of things, especially as it now seems that the universe is made out of the stuff. However, that need not detain us here, as other matters are afoot about which we are as much inContinue reading “Time and Space and Stuff”

Experimental Politics

There have been a few encouraging signs from the current experiments at the Experimental Politics Collider in Westminster where political scientists have been experimenting with coalition politics. As even the laypersons amongst us have realised by now, having only one party of whatever stripe in charge, no matter how nominal, of the country results inContinue reading “Experimental Politics”

The UK’s Leading Celebrity Celebrity

Prefab Doppelganger is probably the UK’s leading celebrity celebrity. She first became famous for no discernable reason in 1998 when she started featuring in several of the top dentist waiting room magazines, artfully falling out of her dress seemingly everywhere the cameramen who take pictures of celebrities to fill such magazines gathered. Media Studies academicsContinue reading “The UK’s Leading Celebrity Celebrity”

Hawking and M-Theory

It has been thirty years since Stephen Hawking declared that there could soon be a Theory of Everything. Now, in his latest book, Hawking, has emerged as a strong supporter of the so-called M-theory of how the universe began. M-Theory (or Mouse Theory) was first postulated by the legendary Douglas Adams in his seminal paperContinue reading “Hawking and M-Theory”

Front-Line Public Service

Gladioli Permeablemembranes was just an ordinary local government Gravity-Awareness Co-Ordinator, working hard to make sure that no-one in her local area ever forgot the importance of gravity in their lives, especially those officially designated as gravity-poor and/or of a sexually, religiously, ethnically, or some other officially-sanctioned ‘minority’ grouping. Of course, it is quite common forContinue reading “Front-Line Public Service”

The Most Pressing Problem In Contemporary Physics

One of the most pressing outstanding problems in modern-day physics, both at a theoretical and at a practical level, is what has become known as the Cheese Uncertainty Principle. Despite his well-known antipathy to Quantum Theory, it was Einstein himself who first began to outline the theoretical work that lead to the formulation of TheContinue reading “The Most Pressing Problem In Contemporary Physics”

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