Space, Time and Car Parking

  Still, it’s not as if she had much choice, the laws of nature being what they are. After all, we all know how much easier it would be for parking the car if we weren’t just limited to the four dimensions of conventional space time. Sod the Star Trek warp drive, what would beContinue reading “Space, Time and Car Parking”

The Law of the Conservation of Conversational Momentum

Obviously, under the law of the conservation of conversational momentum, she is not going to shut up until you admit that you were wrong. However, you should not concede fault at too early an opportunity, especially if all you want to do is get back to watching the match, film, or whatever, or carry onContinue reading “The Law of the Conservation of Conversational Momentum”

The Time Stations

There were times when the times seemed to slip over each other and merge as though two rail tracks came together in a junction and merged into on for a while before separating, splitting out and moving apart again. These places where the time tracks merged were a bit like railway stations too, with separateContinue reading “The Time Stations”

Everything is Everywhere

Here, there and quite probably down the back of the sofa, or – if you are not careful – somewhere in the midst of Hartlepool. That is the trouble with stuff – it is all over the place. Although, if scientists are to be believed, and on the whole we should believe them, after allContinue reading “Everything is Everywhere”

Invisibility Cloak: A Technological Breakthrough

Recently several leading scientists announced they have moved a step closer to making an invisibility cloak. By using the natural force that makes one sock of a pair sometimes disappear in the washing machine, scientists have developed pairs of invisibility cloaks, which they then wash together. The quantum uncertainty of the washing machine cycle thenContinue reading “Invisibility Cloak: A Technological Breakthrough”

Unbounded by Mere Reality

These days it is only natural that the sudden unwarranted appearance of a WWI-era biplane in the vestibule is enough to cause trepidation, if not out and out consternation. After all, unwarranted fluctuations in the time and space continuum are specifically outlawed in some recent EU-wide legislation and – thenceforth – should not now occur.Continue reading “Unbounded by Mere Reality”

Whither the Reindeer?

Even then, after all this time we still were not sure how to attach the banjo to the reindeer in such a way as to satisfy the precise requirements of both the stockbroker and the collector of antique pickled onion jars. However, and I say this as a man who went to Grimsby – onceContinue reading “Whither the Reindeer?”

The Biscuit Tin Event Horizon

Earlier today, physicists announced they made some startling discoveries over the recent Christmas period, which have thrown some light upon what up to now as been regarded as one of the fundamental problems in physics. Scientists at the University of Little Frigging (formerly the cowshed) claim they have discovered proof of the theoretical concept knownContinue reading “The Biscuit Tin Event Horizon”

Time Corridors

Time twists and turns to create these corridors we stumble down in the dark and uncertainty of not knowing what is to come. The world twisted and turned in a way that physicists did not think was possible and left us to fall into this warping of time that meanders through all the histories ofContinue reading “Time Corridors”

Dark Matter and the Nature of the Universe

All of this is pretty much about all of the thing that it is… unless there is some of it lost down the back of the sofa cushions – what is known to astronomers, cosmologists, and that nice lady down at the chip shop, as dark matter. Dark matter is dark which is why itContinue reading “Dark Matter and the Nature of the Universe”

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