The Disappearing

Sometimes it gets too hard to hold onto the world. Things lose their shape, become indistinct and their edges fade away. Sometimes whole areas of this world disappear. I have lost houses, streets, villages and even towns and cities sometimes. All just disappearing and leaving no trace. Sometimes the buildings disappear, leaving just roads thatContinue reading “The Disappearing”

The Big Laugh Theory

Still, you have to laugh, don’t you, even if it is only at the misfortunes of others. At least that way we get to feel some sort of distance from those very misfortunes. Almost as if the laughter is some charm or ritual that will prevent those same, or similar, things happening to us instead.Continue reading “The Big Laugh Theory”

Invasion of the Universe

Soon every solar system was living in fear. It seemed the invasion forces were growing, getting stronger as they landed on world after world, dispersing throughout every country on every continent of that world – or found the most desirable parts of the ocean floor on the water-worlds, planted their signs and sped off inContinue reading “Invasion of the Universe”

In the Kitchen Holding a Spoon

Still, though, eh? I mean… well, come on. Y’know? As they say, a needle in the hand is worth all the frying pans in the bush before they hatch. There was a time… well, there were quite a few times, at least in my younger days. But we won’t go into that… which wasn’t theContinue reading “In the Kitchen Holding a Spoon”

The Newcomers

I suppose it had to happen one day. But we didn’t expect it here, not yet, not so soon. Some of them arrived a few weeks ago and set up home down on the shore, not all that far from where we live. Shallan said it was the end, that everything was over now forContinue reading “The Newcomers”

Magic Carpet Ride

“What is it?” I said, already thinking I knew the answer. “It’s a carpet.” “Hmm….” “A magic carpet!” “Bollocks!” “It is… honestly… would I lie to y… well, it is a magic carpet. Not a word of a lie.” “What, you mean flying… all that Arabian Nights stuff?” “Yes.” “Bollocks!” “Come on, then?” “What?” “Outside….”Continue reading “Magic Carpet Ride”

The Toast of the Gods

But still we had all those smaller pieces of the once-mighty toast of the gods, but we had no butter and very little marmalade. It had been a long and dangerous journey to the heart of a lost civilisation, which – as it is often the case with lost civilisations – was deep in theContinue reading “The Toast of the Gods”

TV Interview Techniques

Of course, it was round… except where at the one end it tapered slightly, making it look a bit like one of those other beings you see on the telly, except for the fur – obviously – and the fact that it was blue. Then there was its tendency to squeak in a slightly distressedContinue reading “TV Interview Techniques”

Supermarkets and String Theory

Now it seems as though the very fridges of all we hold dear are overburdened with the special offers and BOGOF deals of all our most holy of supermarkets and the very Cupboard of Destiny itself cannot bear the weight of any more multi-buy savings. Never before in the field of culinary possibility has thereContinue reading “Supermarkets and String Theory”

Cheese – A Philosophical Approach

Now there are many things in this world that are not cheese, and – for all I know – you may be one of them. I mean just because you are a yellowish lump and you enjoy sitting around on the shelves of the fridge does not – I know only too well – necessarilyContinue reading “Cheese – A Philosophical Approach”

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