Sharing It all begins again, once more we find Ourselves still waiting, wondering if this Is where it will remain or what will change. It happens slowly and carefully now As though we’re making something newly bright And precious out of these once empty words. The time around us turns upon itself Always on theContinue reading “Sharing”

Shadows Only

Shadows Only We are shadows only, leaving No real mark of our soft passing. Leaving only hollow echoes Fading slowly between then and now. Memories are small and fragile. Lost amongst the magnitude of what Ought to be remembered as days Go by, falling one after another Into the heaping past. Lost to recall InContinue reading “Shadows Only”

Stepping off the Path

Stepping off the Path I lost my way. I stepped right off the path And stumbled down, so deep into the dark, Into that forest where I’ve seen the creatures You’ve heard all crying in the heart of night And tearing fear out from the darkness hiding So much of this our possible bright worldContinue reading “Stepping off the Path”

The Limits of the Moment

The Limits of the Moment Now there are times and places all around From where we grow into these shapes that turn, Each blowing in the wind. Becoming leaves Discarded by the trees as winter falls. We only have what falls on down with us Reminding us of home and our belonging. And this isContinue reading “The Limits of the Moment”

Beyond the Horizon of Ordinary Dreaming

Beyond the Horizon of Ordinary Dreaming In motion, dreaming on some wide far seas A breathing wave that lies below the blue Slow undulating restless sheets of night. She swims on, deeper into her own dreams. A floating freedom, taken where the tides Wash her towards new lands and to new loves She never knewContinue reading “Beyond the Horizon of Ordinary Dreaming”


Mistakes We now are almost ready to begin. This is the place it starts, beginning here. We find these places and we create times From those we take with us as memories. We cannot shape these moments held so tight Into a final form until we know The shapes they should always then take beforeContinue reading “Mistakes”

The Echo of His Absence

The Echo of His Absence Her father was like a ghost to her. She lived inside the echoes of his absences Like someone waiting for something To take her life and make it begin. She needed someone to take the day And open it out for her in his palm. To show her how timeContinue reading “The Echo of His Absence”

Modern Visions

Modern Visions They had visions, dreams of modernity. A land of electricity and efficiency. Cold concrete towering over small lives About busy purposeful progress in streets So far below. Like insignificant creatures Of some nest crawling about the earth For purposes they do not know and queens They slave for but never see. In orderContinue reading “Modern Visions”

She Stops

She Stops She stops, her hunger unsatisfied By all the goods on display. Easy purchase for the empty soul. She stops, her needs unsatisfied By all the attention given By many men eager to hold her name. She stops, her desire unsatisfied By all the hollow satisfactions offered For her hungry mind to feed on.Continue reading “She Stops”

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