Solid Ice

Solid Ice It is winter, slow, solid and frozen. Cold metal feels harder to the touch As though frost and ice have become solid And will no longer return to their realm. As though water realised its dream Of rock, hardness and permanence, No longer dragged by gravity, moon and tide, Always falling and fallingContinue reading “Solid Ice”

For Those Passing By

For Those Passing By Tension held so taut like cables stretched out Spanning rivers tied by road and rail lines Held so tightly it is possible to Hear a note right on the verge of silence, Humming into hearing, thunder on by Fading into murmur when each journey Hurtles by from over there to somewhere,Continue reading “For Those Passing By”

Out of the Ashes

Out of the Ashes This is not how beginnings are made, Out of the ashes Of what has recently fallen. We ought to go out beyond To find a new greener valley. One where the memories Do not haunt each waking step And dreams are filled with places And faces that we know too well,Continue reading “Out of the Ashes”

Close to the Flames

Close to the Flames We arrange these memories into stories And we tell our lives as tales around A flickering fire on dark nights When the world lies out of reach. All I have is the touch of your skin Against mine, as we watch the flames Curling around the blackening logs As each storyContinue reading “Close to the Flames”

Only Distances

Only Distances In the heavens, we see only distance Not the fates of lovers or of nations Not allowing ourselves to be taken Close to any saving grace this season. Only watching each bright star to notice Where it falls into a final darkness Far beyond the edge of everything else We could never touchContinue reading “Only Distances”


Sleepers Here we are, holding These precious jewels Of memory up To each other once more, Finding what one remembers The other wanted to forget. Finding that we did not, After all, share a life. But had two lives That ran parallel together Like railroad tracks. These memories – like the sleepers – What heldContinue reading “Sleepers”

Gone On The Dust Of Dreaming

Gone On The Dust Of Dreaming Almost complete, Like a dream left on the pillow In the light of morning, She was almost here. And I almost touched her, Reaching out a hand Just before the insistent morning Stole her from me. Now she is gone On the dust of dreaming. But her perfume stillContinue reading “Gone On The Dust Of Dreaming”

Not Into The Light

Not Into The Light Our expectations are left hollowed out Like the star-pitted sky. Our hands are cold And numb as the deepest, darkest, winter night. We look around for a light to lead us on. A new direction we can take from here. But there is nothing, only darkness holding The deeper shadows thatContinue reading “Not Into The Light”

Too Young To Listen

Too Young To Listen There is always now, as there was always then, all hidden stillness dark to surface out from silence we see the bluest sky spreading over dawn’s new brightness. Only then will it be time for time’s beginning once again as those old days return to take us by the hand andContinue reading “Too Young To Listen”

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