The Victorian Cheese Mines and Poverty

Pencilcase Shoveha’penny was one of the Victorian era’s most famous social reformers. She was a daughter of the UK’s richest Cheese mine owning families in the Wensleydale area. This was a region known for its extraordinary number of cheese mines. Consequently, the poor from the surrounding rural areas were drawn to the cheese mining villages,Continue reading “The Victorian Cheese Mines and Poverty”

Space Junk

It was another one of those things. Drenk sighed. This would need more than a formal warning when she got there. This made seven she’d counted in this sector alone. Analysis had shown their trajectories all mapped back to the same originating planet. Drenk hoped a warning not to launch any more of their litterContinue reading “Space Junk”

New Home Secretary in Billy Connolly Tribute

New Home Secretary performs his tribute to Billy Connolly’s incontinence pants routine outside the Home Office Yesterday the newly-appointed Home Secretary in the UK government celebrated his new position by performing a tribute to what he called ‘my favourite comedy routine’. ‘As we all know,’ the new Home Secretary said. ‘Billy Connolly’s immortal comment ‘TheContinue reading “New Home Secretary in Billy Connolly Tribute”

Another Morning in the Sun Empire

‘Mornings.’ The emperor looked out from his palace balcony at the city below. ‘Your majesty?’ Pelgrin sighed. It wasn’t going to be one of those days, was it? The emperor had once glanced at a couple of pages in a book and therefore occasionally fancied himself an intellectual. The emperor turned as if he wasContinue reading “Another Morning in the Sun Empire”

Tessellation on Tax

Binary Tessellation is the emeritus professor of Difficult Sums at the University of Clacton. Although, to many he is better known as the bloke off the telly who knows stuff about numbers. Not only has he written a best-selling book on why numbers matter, he has also advised governments of all political persuasions on whyContinue reading “Tessellation on Tax”

The Mystery of Politics

Of course, one of the greatest mysteries of the history of human civilisation is discovering just why humanity succumbed to politics. Many philosophers have theorised that there must have at one point in early human history be a civilisation that was entirely free of this debilitating disease. Herbert Von Tinkletool the great German post-predisunstructuralist historianContinue reading “The Mystery of Politics”

The Elephant in the Room

Shellac Rentedrooms is probably the world’s most famous consulting detective. His faithful companion Doc Whatsup has recounted his numerous cases in publications all around the world. So, obviously when another great befuddling series of mysteries struck the British Isles, it was Rentedrooms that the British establishment  called upon when all else failed, and there wasContinue reading “The Elephant in the Room”

Interesting Things 03/11/2017

A miscellany of links I found interesting recently: (As this is the first post in a (possible) new weekly series, there are quite a few of them this time.) On the idiocy of ‘banning’ one of the greatest books of the 20th Century. ‘What’s really ‘disturbing’ of course, are the implications of suppressing a masterpieceContinue reading “Interesting Things 03/11/2017”

Trilobites under My Auntie’s Deckchair

Fallopian Designateddriver was yesterday announced as this year’s Beige Award for Fiction Prize winner for her novel Trilobites under My Auntie’s Deckchair. The book concerns the coming of age of a young girl during the Great Postage Stamp Crisis of 1952. It was a time when Great Britain was still emerging from the rationing ofContinue reading “Trilobites under My Auntie’s Deckchair”

Military History and the Tea Break

Back in those premodern days, of course, it was very difficult to get a decent mobile phone signal. This meant that many battles in the medieval era were fought without either opposing army having easy access to a takeaway delivery service. Often the battling armies were both hungry and possibly even thirsty. Consequently, the armyContinue reading “Military History and the Tea Break”

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