Salt Of The Earth

An article by Tim Lott in The Independent on the BBC’s sudden realisation that there is still – just about – such a thing as the white working class. Coming from the working class myself, as Lott does, there is a great deal I recognise, and agree with, in his article, especially his remarks aboutContinue reading “Salt Of The Earth”

Chaos, Not Music

The Grauniad’s CiF once again: A new rebellion by David Wilson. ‘We’re into chaos, not music!’ John Lydon (nee Rotten) said at the time – if you can’t remember that, you weren’t there.Punk lasted between anything from 6 months to a year at the most before the adverts for pre-ripped t-shirts began appearing in theContinue reading “Chaos, Not Music”

No Box Left Unticked

The Grauniad’s Cif again, where: ‘Mixed-race’ is the fastest growing category of identity in the UK. This raises questions of how our understanding of ethnicity affects policy. There’s the rub though, folks. Trying to impose rigid categories on what is a continuum is always going to leave you looking a bit silly. Race (in asContinue reading “No Box Left Unticked”

Doth Protest Too Much

Zoe Williams on The Guardian’s CiF shows some solidarity with the self-styled ‘eco-protestors’ currently grooving it up in a typically smug self-congratulatory manner in a field near some aeroplanes. My comment: Of course, irritating, inconveniencing, berating and annoying ordinary people trying to go about their normal lives up to and beyond the point where theyContinue reading “Doth Protest Too Much”

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