Collective Failure

Reem Maghribi on The Grauniad’s Cif says ‘Cultural and religious groups should not be addressed collectively but as individuals who have a vote and a voice within a democracy.’ Here is my comment on it: This is – quite obviously – why ‘the left’ has failed. At first it believed the myth of the classContinue reading “Collective Failure”

What I Did On My Holidays

‘Last week, Tory leader David Cameron spent two days in Birmingham with the Rehmans’, at The Grauniad’s Cif site, to which I appended this comment: Three things need to be done in this situation: 1. Dump the completely misguided, meaningless, stupid and divisive notion of ‘race’. Treat all people as they are – equal. 2.Continue reading “What I Did On My Holidays”

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