On Why This Blog Has Been Silent For So Long

Boredom with the whole blog ‘concept’, I suppose. Regurgitating half-chewed globs of ‘news’ from the msm and them adding a snide comment or two on to the beginning or end of it has lost its novelty value for me. However, this (long) piece from The Register – an interview with Adam Curtis touches on manyContinue reading “On Why This Blog Has Been Silent For So Long”

A Rich Man In A Poor Man’s Shirt

I wish I could quit The Grauniad’s CiF, but I can’t seem to. Here’s another one about bloody ‘authenticity’ in rock music, of all things: My comment: Ah, authenticity in rock music, it fair brings a tear to the old eye thinking back to when that mattered and the obscurity of your ‘favourite’ bluesman wasContinue reading “A Rich Man In A Poor Man’s Shirt”

The Future Lies With The Proles

The Grauniad’s Cif again: ‘The future lies with the proles’* – but Winston didn’t realise that it would be in the opposite way to what he thought. Prolefeed has taken over popular culture almost completely now. The thing is though that a big part of the blame must lie with ‘the left’ itself. For itContinue reading “The Future Lies With The Proles”

Chaos, Not Music

The Grauniad’s CiF once again: A new rebellion by David Wilson. ‘We’re into chaos, not music!’ John Lydon (nee Rotten) said at the time – if you can’t remember that, you weren’t there.Punk lasted between anything from 6 months to a year at the most before the adverts for pre-ripped t-shirts began appearing in theContinue reading “Chaos, Not Music”

Can Blue Men Sing The Whites?

John Harris on The Guardian’s CiF wants to bury one myth: that Elvis was a racist and his music was ‘stolen’ from black America. My Comment: More to the point is that people can define ‘racism’ almost any way they want, and saying it loudly enough about someone famous or something in the news getsContinue reading “Can Blue Men Sing The Whites?”

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