Dance on Fire – A novel by David Hadley

What do you do when sex and drugs and rock and roll are no longer enough? At one time, Transmission were probably the most famous rock band on the planet. Now, even as they approach their twenty-fifth anniversary they are still up there, one of the top ten bands of all time. However, each ofContinue reading “Dance on Fire – A novel by David Hadley”

Monday Poem: Something Could Happen

Something Could Happen But, all days can start like this Here is nothing to be found, Except when walking the beaches For what the tide leaves behind. We expect a treasure, But find only stones, shells, Flotsam and jetsam. No mermaid combs. This could be the day something Could happen, be a day of Beginnings.Continue reading “Monday Poem: Something Could Happen”

Recent Publications (to 26/11/2007)

[The previous Recent Publications Post.] I had hoped to do this update more often, but circumstances have not been too good, of late. However, here is everything published since March 2007. Poem: A Sign – Cauldron Issue 316 Spring/Summer 2007 Poem: She Is – ABCTales magazine No. 5 October 2007 My recent ABCTales publications are:Continue reading “Recent Publications (to 26/11/2007)”

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