Review: The Steep Approach to Garbadale – Iain Banks

  A British family company, the Wopulds, built its fortune on a board – then later a computer – game called Empire. Now they are considering selling it off to the Americans. This can be seen as Banks building a sort of elaborate metaphor for Britain as the faded former imperial power and the world’sContinue reading “Review: The Steep Approach to Garbadale – Iain Banks”

Review: Harvest of the Sixties – Patricia Waugh

  By the seventies it was evident too that economic divisions were not the only barriers to a common culture and that other distinctions of race, gender, ethnicity, age, and region would be articulated forcibly in the eighties, bringing with them the recognition that identity is not determined through labour alone. Such recognitions produced somethingContinue reading “Review: Harvest of the Sixties – Patricia Waugh”

Review: All in the Mind: A Farewell to God by Ludovic Kennedy

The notion explored in this often fascinating book by the famous broadcaster, Ludovic Kennedy, is that rather than the religious notion that man was created by god, rather it is god that was created by man. I must say – at the outset – that this is a view that I share and consequently IContinue reading “Review: All in the Mind: A Farewell to God by Ludovic Kennedy”

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