The Music of the Spheres

As we all know Tapioca Draingurgle shot to fame last year when her song Explaining Eigenvalues shot to the top of YouTube’s most coveted and hotly contested Mathematical Concepts Set to Song by Attractively Underdressed Young Ladies category. It easily beat the next song on the most watched list by over 1 000 000 downloads,Continue reading “The Music of the Spheres”

The World’s Greatest Living Rock Star

Goatchin Trebleclef is probably the world’s most famous sill semi-coherent rock star. As lead singer/lead guitarist with 70s supergroup Turgid Braindribble Trebleclef was once regarded as the leading cultural figure of that decade. Mainly for his over-tight jeans and his powerful rock voice, which could – it was alleged – knock down an industrial chimneyContinue reading “The World’s Greatest Living Rock Star”

The Ancient Music of Stone Age Britain

Recent excavations around certain ancient Stone Age sites in the UK have uncovered what archaeologists believe is the first evidence of a Rolling Stones gig at Stonehenge. Of course, the fossil evidence – mostly based on carbon dating Keith Richards, the Mick Jagger fossil record and dendrochronological study of Ron Wood has long shown thatContinue reading “The Ancient Music of Stone Age Britain”

Sha la la la la la la la la la la dee dah

Do you remember when we used to sing sha la la la la la la la la la la dee dah? No? Oh, it’s just me then. Actually, now that I come to think about it, it was just me who sang sha la la la la la la la la la la dee dah.Continue reading “Sha la la la la la la la la la la dee dah”

A World Celebrity Shortage Disaster Averted

Trampoline Spangleknee first came to public attention in the UK when she set up the world’s first celebrity breeding programme. As we all know, there is a constant danger of the world running out of celebrities, mainly because the celebrity lifecycle is so short. For example, in the pop music industry it is entirely possibleContinue reading “A World Celebrity Shortage Disaster Averted”

Rock Music and the Double-Entry Scene

Bluesscale Cordsequence is probably best known as the lead electric washboard player with 1970s progressive rock behemoth Cashbook Reconciliation. A band at the time who were one of the major acts in what later became known as the British Double-Entry Scene. Of course, traditional English folk music had always had strong links to accountancy, auditingContinue reading “Rock Music and the Double-Entry Scene”

The Drum Solo and its Dangers

  Highhat Paradiddle is probably the world’s leading professor of Drum Solo Studies. Now Emeritus Professor of Drum Stools at the prestigious University of Steve (formerly Stroud Agricultural College Annexe), he has produced the world’s leading paper on this great enigma. For almost as long as humanity has existed, there have been drum solos, butContinue reading “The Drum Solo and its Dangers”

Heavy Metal Knitwear

Tangential Cheesespasm was originally the lead shouter in 1970s heavy metal knitwear sensation Satan’s Cardigans. Although, a short-lived musical movement, heavy metal knitwear has gone on to influence many modern bands and rock acts. It also created a whole new generation for whom cardigans, jumpers, pullovers and even the legendary tank top have become theContinue reading “Heavy Metal Knitwear”

New Kindle Cover: Dance on Fire

 Above – the new Kindle cover for one of my earlier novels: Dance on Fire: I have updated the Kindle cover for one of my earlier novels: Dance on Fire  Dance on Fire – available here (UK) or here (US) Description: What do you do when sex and drugs and rock and roll are noContinue reading “New Kindle Cover: Dance on Fire”

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