Doubts Cast On Authenticity Of Holy Relic

Yesterday, it emerged that further doubts have been cast over the authenticity of the so-called Wolverhampton T-shirt of Nhigel, supposedly the very t-shirt that the great prophet Nhigel (May His Plums Dangle Mightily) wore on the fabled Night of the Last Kebab in the Uttabollux Holy City of Tourhisttrhap, the very night that Nhigel (MHPDM)Continue reading “Doubts Cast On Authenticity Of Holy Relic”

The Problem Of Automated Cheese-Recognition

The problem of automated cheese-recognition has bedevilled cheese-distinguishing engineers for centuries. Back in the early days of the industrial revolution, for example, the famous natural philosopher Wensleydale Probity, first began the experiments that years later enabled him to distinguish between Cheddar and Double Gloucester whilst blindfolded in one of the most memorable lectures ever givenContinue reading “The Problem Of Automated Cheese-Recognition”

Gordon Brown – Satellites To Monitor UK For Signs Of Political Climate Change Plan

At a meeting of the Commonwealth Nations, just before the weekend, the UK Prime Minister, Gormless Brown, announced plans to use satellites to monitor the UK for what he regards as increasing evidence that the British Isles are heading for a severe change in its political climate.A government spokeswoman later translated the PM’s remarks intoContinue reading “Gordon Brown – Satellites To Monitor UK For Signs Of Political Climate Change Plan”

Space Exploration News

NASA announced yesterday that their latest unmanned lunar probe, Steve III, has discovered significant deposits of what appears to be warm toast near the Moon’s South Pole. A NASA spokesperson said, to an astonished press corps: Adding this to last year’s discovery of significant thick-cut marmalade deposits by the earlier lunar probe, Steve II, justContinue reading “Space Exploration News”

New technological Breakthrough Announced!

People speak of the internet, the walkman, the personal computer, the mobile phone, the anti-itchy-knee device and – even – nuclear-powered shopping tigers as the defining technological innovations of recent years. But, if his new prototype lives up to its potential then Porrigestain Mankyvest will surely be the contemporary inventor whose name lives on intoContinue reading “New technological Breakthrough Announced!”

NASA Search For Intelligent Life In Jeopardy

As NASA prepares to test launch its latest rocket, there were doubts expressed yesterday as to whether its intended mission – to search for intelligent life in the British political system – was a colossal waste of time and money. [Photo taken by NASA probe launched into the recent Labour conference showing a complete absenceContinue reading “NASA Search For Intelligent Life In Jeopardy”

The Male Patriarchal Scientific Conspiracy

Harpi Braindrain, the leading feminist theoretician yesterday launched yet another attack on what she calls ‘the male scientific hegemony’ of the western world, saying: It is typical of the male scientific hegemony that while the oppressed women of this world are allowed only one egg per month, men themselves produce thousands of their sperm everyContinue reading “The Male Patriarchal Scientific Conspiracy”

Notes and Comments: 02/03/2009

Yes, it is the return of Notes & Comments, but without… er… the Comments today. NOTES: Via Stephen Law, Amanda Gefter the New Scientist book review editor on how to spot a hidden religious agenda in ‘so-called science books’. The excellent as usual Heresy Corner on the Goodwin pension business. “Blasphemy Day International is anContinue reading “Notes and Comments: 02/03/2009”

Review: Bad Science – Ben Goldacre

[Non-fiction – Science 2008] There is the old cliché ‘some books will change your life’ – this book isn’t one of them. However, this book will change the way that you look at a very significant part of the world, specifically the ‘science’ stories in the media, and the claims made by those that inhabitContinue reading “Review: Bad Science – Ben Goldacre”

From The Archive: Junk Journalism

From The Archive is a special Friday feature. It features posts from my earlier (now-deleted) blog: Stuff & Nonsense and a few items from previous versions of A Tangled Rope that I feel deserve reprinting here, mainly as a way of archiving them. The dates are only approximate, I’m afraid, and there is a possibilityContinue reading “From The Archive: Junk Journalism”

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